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Live Support System

Live chat software on websites enables businesses and customers to communicate simultaneously. Discover the convenience and benefits of live support to respond to your customers' questions as swiftly as possible.

Online Support Is Easy with Supsis

Live Support

Engage before visitors leave

Talk to your visitors before it’s too late. Send announcements, get feedback, share tips, or solve their issues instantly.


Proactive support and lead generation

Set up triggers to automatically send discounts, or collect feedback with chat forms. Set up campaigns to onboard and educate new users.


Create a chatbot system

Design a chatbot in minutes without writing any code using the drag-and-drop bot development interface.

Get Ahead of Your Competitors with Video Calling

Have a video call with your customers, promote your products and services, and support them without downloading any software on Supsis.

Live Support

In the 24/7 Live Support system, you can assign your support area to your chatbot or representatives. If you wish, you can provide support in the form of representatives during certain working hours, chatbot and offline messaging at certain times of the day.

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Telegram Integration

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SUPSİSLive Support

Our Live Support System

Live support systems on websites allow real-time communication between the business and the customer. Check out the advantages of live support to answer your customers' questions as soon as possible.

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What is a Live Support System?

Live support systems are basically systems that offer the opportunity to communicate instantly with visitors to the website. The live support system, which is designed to meet the need for live communication of customers who are sold a product or service in the fastest and highest quality way, is based on live support software. Thanks to live support software, customer service, sales and support teams can interact with website visitors in real time and respond instantly to questions directed to them.

Within the scope of the live support system, instant correspondence and communication between visitors and brand representatives are possible thanks to live support software. The most important difference between live support systems and call center services is that communication in live support systems is maintained only through correspondence. On the other hand, both types of services aim to establish accurate and effective communication with customers and potential customers, thus maximizing user satisfaction.

The main features of live support systems are listed below:

-Live support systems can be used to chat with website visitors in real time, providing information and assistance to users when they need it.

-Live support systems can encourage increased interaction by sending proactive messages when website visitors stop on a web page or for a certain period of time.

-Although live support systems are generally used on websites, they can also be integrated through social media platforms or mobile applications.

-An important feature of live support systems for customer service is the ability to record past chats and customer contact history. This can be used to personalize and continuously optimize the customer experience.

-It is often possible to use live support software on mobile devices. Thus, users can receive service from any device where they are connected to the internet and visit your website. The live support team can also assist website visitors through remote access.

How Does a Live Support System Work?

The live support system is an extremely important communication tool that enables organizations to interact with their customers and potential customers. Thanks to the live support system used in many websites serving in different sectors today, it is possible to provide instant help and information to website visitors.

The live support system often works through a live support software integrated into the website. Website visitors can communicate with the live support team using the chat interface provided by this software. Once the live support software is integrated into the website, it is necessary to ensure that the live support system will serve with the same speed and quality on every device to ensure customer satisfaction and optimize the user experience.

For the live support system to work, the website visitor must first type a message in the chat box and send the message. When the message is displayed in the brand officer’s system, a reply can be written.

What are the Advantages of Live Support System?

-Thanks to the live support system, you can instantly support your customers, answer their questions and offer solutions to their problems. Getting fast answers is always considered an element that reinforces customers’ trust in the brand, improves customer loyalty and increases satisfaction.

-By using a live support system, you can provide a fast and effective service, allowing your customers to have more positive experiences on your website. You can also strengthen your brand image.

-Another advantage of using a live support system is that you can interact directly with your potential customers. In this way, you can understand your customers’ behavior and continuously optimize your products and services.

-By using a fast and effective live support system, you can create a more reliable brand image in the eyes of your customers. Customers’ tendency to develop more positive relationships with brands where they can get quick and easy support in case of need can become a significant advantage for you.

What are the Benefits of a Live Support System for Your Company?

Today, there is a very intense competitive environment in almost every sector. For this reason, the relationship established with customers should not only be seen as sales. Since your customers are the most effective channel for delivering information about your products or services to a wider audience, you must provide fast and quality customer service to ensure the long-term success of your business. Providing good support and communicating effectively during visits to your website will help you strengthen your relationship with your customers and grow your customer base.

Although online shopping is becoming an ever-growing market, the biggest problem that internet users face when shopping online is still the inability to connect with a staff member who can provide quick and precise answers to their questions. A live support system, on the other hand, stands out with its advantages and can offer a beneficial experience for both your company and your customers.

Providing instant support and information to your customers, a live support system acts as an instant messaging tool where your customers can communicate with you in real time. With a live support system, you can answer your customers’ and potential customers’ questions quickly and easily and increase your website’s conversion rates.

The benefits of the live support system for your company can be listed as follows:

-A large portion of website visitors want their questions about a product or service to be answered before purchasing it. Thanks to the live support system, you can provide your customers with the information they need and direct them directly to sales by speeding up the purchasing process. Getting fast and accurate answers to their questions about the product or service they want to buy increases your customers’ trust in your business and eliminates their indecision about the purchase.

-The live support service you provide to website visitors also becomes an important resource for your business thanks to the application database. Regularly analyzing the questions in the chat history with your customers can direct your optimization efforts regarding your business processes, products and services. At the same time, thanks to live support software, you can obtain the ways in which visitors access your website, how long they spend on your website and other extremely valuable statistical information about your website. In the light of this data, you can increase your conversion rates by offering appropriate products, promotions and discounts when your customer revisits your website.

A live support system is a powerful tool to improve customer satisfaction, resolve issues quickly and increase engagement. A good live support experience can help you build stronger bonds with customers and increase brand loyalty. However, it is important to remember that live support systems have a specific queue flow, and customers’ questions or problems should be resolved as soon as possible. Unnecessarily prolonged use can result in longer wait times for visitors waiting in line, a negative user experience and lower customer satisfaction rates.

In order to get optimum benefit from the use of the live support system, website visitors should be directed to use live support tools within the site. A professional attitude should be maintained during communication, and in cases that cannot be resolved during correspondence, alternative solutions should be activated to improve customer satisfaction.