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Serve your customers using Telegram via Supsis without connecting anywhere else!

Easily transmit chat information between Supsis and Telegram.

Perceive topic and language

Recognize and automatically assign the topic and language of a conversation.

Quick replies

Send your frequent replies to your visitors with one click by creating saved replies.

Live chat queuing

Keep track of your agents’ statuses and current conversations.

Security of correspondence

All data is stored in the company’s account. No one can access them.


Create personalized and targeted email marketing campaigns, including subject lines, body copy, and more.

Auto reply

Handle common questions automatically so agents can focus.

Set custom hours

Set opening hours and trigger the right response for customers at any hour.

Live Data Stream

Recognize and automatically assign the topic and language of a conversation.

Manage your incoming Telegram messages with your team on Supsis

How Do I Do the Integrated Process?

In the Supsis live support panel, click on Telegram from the “Integrations” area.

How Does the Installation Phase Happen?

This process is very simple, paste your Telegram Token into the section in the window that opens.

You can get it from Telegram bot token BotFather

You can get it from Telegram bot token BotFather

Can Multiple Agents Use the Integrated Telegram Account?

Yes, more than one of your representatives can use the Telegram account you have integrated, send canned answers and content, and start a conversation from scratch with your followers or those who follow you.

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