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Artificial intelligence  (GPT)Integration

With Supsis Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration, talk to your customers as if they were a real person and eliminate the margin of error by automating your work!

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Supsis’ powerful artificial intelligence integration scans your website and offers your users a more personalized and faster experience than ever before. Now your Chatbot uses the information on your website and questions from customers it has previously spoken to to understand your visitors and produce specific answers for their needs. The constantly improving Supsis artificial intelligence assistant is designed to provide much more professional and clear answers to the questions coming from your customers.

Supsis offers users a high-level experience thanks to its improved Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration.

Supsis’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) system is designed in a way that users can scan websites and provide automatic and clear answers to their customers with information obtained from the website. This will both speed things up and allow you to communicate with customers as if they were real people.

Discover Your Site with Artificial Intelligence Integration: The Power of Supsis Chatbot!

Don't be late any more for Chatbot AI. Get rid of representative costs and provide instant answersMeet Chatbot AI

Let Supsis' Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported Chatbot do the work that many people would do and save yourself the costs!

How to Integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

First of all, we need to get a key from OpenAI. After receiving the key, we create an OpenAI channel from the Supsis integrations menu.


As a second step, we enter the chatbot menu, click create bot and select the website option. You type the link of your website in this section and wait for it to be scanned. This process may take 2-10 minutes. Then, your chatbot is automatically prepared to be compatible with your website. The process is that simple.

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