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Meet Multiple WhatsApp with Bulk Messaging Features!

You can now manage multiple WhatsApp accounts through Supsis and send bulk messages to your audience efficiently. This feature is especially ideal for businesses that want to reach large customer groups or large follower bases.

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Unlike a regular application, Whatsapp integrated into Supsis allows your employees to work from a single phone number, quickly resolve customer issues and take full advantage of Supsis' functions.

WhatsApp Integration

SupSis’ WhatsApp integration provides many advantages to businesses. Bulk messaging and single-point access are prominent features. You can quickly reach large audiences with mass messages. You can easily manage all your WhatsApp interactions with single-point access. You can send special messages to customers with the possibility of personalization. This increases customer satisfaction and strengthens brand loyalty.

Integration Steps


Whatsapp icon from the “Menu” area on the Supsis live support panel.

After clicking

Scan the QR code on the Whatsapp icon on the page opened from the Whatsapp account you want to integrate.

All you come

Chats appear in the Chat section in the “Menu” area of the Supsis live support panel, both your Whatsapp and Live support calls will be in the same area, there will be a Whatsapp icon next to your Whatsapp calls for clarity.

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