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Introducing Multi WhatsApp with Bulk Messaging!

Now, you can manage multiple WhatsApp accounts through Supsis and efficiently send bulk messages to your target audience. This feature is particularly ideal for businesses looking to reach large customer groups or extensive follower bases.

Whatsapp Integration

You can easily manage as many WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business accounts as you want by scanning QR codes with Supsis, allowing you to instantly interact with chatbots or live support representatives.


Personalized and Effective Communication

The bulk messaging feature allows you to communicate more effectively with your customers. Create personalized messages, effortlessly broadcast campaign announcements, and receive customer feedback in real-time.




Unlike a regular app, Whatsapp integrated into Supsis allows your employees to work through a single phone number, quickly resolve customer issues and take full advantage of Supsis’ functions.


Whatsapp Integration

Integration of SupSis with WhatsApp brings many advantageous features for businesses. Among these features, features such as mass messaging and one-stop access stand out.

The ability to send bulk messages gives businesses the ability to reach a wide audience quickly. For example, you can quickly convey important information such as special offers, announcements or updates without typing the same message over and over. This can help you improve workforce productivity while optimizing your marketing strategies.

One-stop access feature offers businesses the convenience of managing all WhatsApp interactions from a central point. If you use more than one account or customer communication channel, this feature allows you to monitor, manage and reply to different accounts from a single platform. This allows you to deliver a faster and more consistent experience to customers while reducing response times.

SupSis’s WhatsApp integration also offers customization possibilities. You can even personalize bulk messages to give customers a more personalized and engaging approach. This can increase customer satisfaction and help you build brand loyalty.

Faster, personalized responses.

Have better conversations in less time, thanks to automated responses, templates, tagging, routing, and customer information pulled directly from your ecommerce platform.

Integration Steps

Click on the

Whatsapp icon from the “Menu” area in the Supsis live support panel.


After clicking the

Whatsapp icon, read the QR code on the page that opens, from the Whatsapp account you want to integrate.


All your incoming

chats appear in the Chat section in the “Menu” area of ​​the Supsis live support panel, both your Whatsapp and Live support calls will be in the same area, there will be a Whatsapp icon next to your Whatsapp calls for clarity.


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Whatsapp Integration
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