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Instagram Integration

Instagram  Integration

Serve your customers who use Instagram via Supsis without connecting anywhere else!

Don't lose your customers in the message flow

No customers will be missed in Instagram DMs

Search for messages by keywords, put tags, add reminders, and always stay informed about the status of each customer’s deal.

Work even more efficiently as a team

You don’t need to give away your Instagram password

You no longer need to give your Instagram password to the authorities and worry about the security of your account. All communication is done through the Supsis panel.

Instagram Integration

How Can I Perform Integrated Transaction?

Click on the Instagram icon from the “Menu” area in the Supsis live support panel.

How Does the Installation Phase Happen?

After clicking on the Instagram icon, fill in the login information that appears on the page that opens, as the information of the Instagram account you want to integrate.

Where Do My Incoming Instagram Chats Appear?

All your incoming chats appear in the Chat section in the “Menu” area of the Supsis live support panel, both your Instagram, Whatsapp and Live support calls will be in the same area, there will be an Instagram icon next to your Instagram calls for clarity.

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