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Instantly deliver important messages such as campaign announcements, special offers or new product news to your target audience by sending bulk messages. Make your business stand out and stand out among your competitors by sending mass messages with Supsis!

Send Bulk Messages to Highlight Your Business!

Make your business heard louder thanks to Supsis’ unique platform and WhatsApp Business API collaboration! Highlight your business by quickly and effectively conveying your campaign announcements, special offers or new product launches to your target audience via mass message sending. Establish a more interactive dialogue with your customers and introduce your brand to a wide audience. Sending bulk messages with Supsis is a powerful step to distinguish your business from others and always make it stand out!

How to Send Bulk Messages with SUPSIS?

Supsis provides great convenience to its users by allowing them to send mass messages. Users will be able to send bulk messages via WhatsApp. After integrating your numbers into Supsis, you can easily send via the panel.

Bulk Message Sending Ways

There are two ways to send bulk messages via Supsis. One of them is normal Whatsapp (qr) and the other is Whatsapp Business API. If you wonder what the differences are between these, if you want to send officially and legally for your business, you need to send via API.

Whatsapp Business API

Whatsapp (QR)

Will my account be closed if I send a mass message?

Your account will not be closed due to the mass messages you send via WhatsApp Business API from the Supsis panel. Once you switch to the API, you are doing this legally. But in disturbing cases, you will be violated and you can edit the template and continue.

Can I send unlimited bulk messages?

Yes, after switching to the API, you start with a limitation of 1000 on the first day. Then, if you comply with the rules in the following days, your limit will increase to 10,000 – 100,000.

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What is a WhatsApp Bulk Message?

Today, as a result of the need for fast and effective communication, popular messaging applications such as WhatsApp have made it easier for individuals to communicate with each other. The WhatsApp bulk message feature further optimizes this communication and offers practical solutions to users.

The WhatsApp bulk message feature has been widely used recently, offering a fast and effective solution to modern communication needs. This feature makes both personal and professional communication more manageable and effective, while saving time. Users can successfully use this feature in many different scenarios, from event announcements to business communication.

However, many businesses today use WhatsApp mass messaging and chatbot integration to reach their customers much faster and more effectively. This is because the combination is an extremely powerful tool for sending messages to large audiences and providing customized interactive communication.

How to Send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Business supports bulk messaging, which is free but subject to certain limitations. With WhatsApp Business, it is possible to send messages to up to 256 users at a time. In addition, in order to send these messages, the recipient must have your number in their phone book.

Here are the steps to follow to send bulk messages with WhatsApp Business:

-Enter WhatsApp Business and open Chats.
-Find the broadcast lists above.
-Name the lists by adding phone numbers to the list.
-You can then send bulk messages specifically to your lists.
-These lists are automatically saved. This allows you to send more messages later using these lists. If this sending volume is not enough, using WhatsApp API can be a more effective solution.

The WhatsApp Business API offers more advantages when sending bulk messages. It starts with a limit of 1000 messages per day, but the limit increases in the following days if you send according to the rules. One of the most important advantages of WhatsApp Business API is that it gives businesses a great power to reach the target audience. WhatsApp Business API does not require the person to have lost your number in their phone book in order to send a message. On the other hand, it is not possible to send spam messages to everyone whose number you have.

What are the Advantages of WhatsApp Bulk Messages?

-With WhatsApp bulk messaging, businesses can reach their customers quickly. Important information such as campaign announcements, new product launches or special day celebrations can be instantly communicated to customers with the WhatsApp bulk message feature.

-WhatsApp bulk messaging also reduces manual communication. Accordingly, it can save businesses time and resources. Using the WhatsApp bulk message feature, predetermined messages can be sent automatically on a specific date and time.

-Another advantage of WhatsApp bulk messaging is that it is possible to send personalized messages. In this context, data such as name usage, previous shopping history and preferences can be used to provide customized content to the customer.

-Since WhatsApp bulk messaging can be used on mobile devices, customers can respond to messages immediately and increase interaction.

At the same time, choosing WhatsApp bulk messaging and chatbot integration brings many different advantages:

-Chatbots support and automatically respond to bulk message campaigns. In this way, it takes on the task of providing information. Accordingly, chatbots can provide information about any campaign or automatically respond to discount code requests.

-Chatbots can also direct customers to perform certain tasks. In this context, they can automate processes such as filling out surveys, requesting discount coupons or purchasing products.

-These chatbots can send personalized messages using customer profiles and past interactions. As a result, both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty can be strengthened.

-Chatbots analyze the interactions provided by mass message campaigns and provide valuable feedback to businesses. This data can be used to optimize future campaigns.

WhatsApp bulk messaging and chatbot integration can be realized by following the steps listed below:

-WhatsApp Business API provides the basic infrastructure needed for bulk messaging and chatbot integration. With the 24/7 support offered by Supsis for setting up the API, you can enjoy the privilege of integrating your business with WhatsApp.

-Choosing a powerful chatbot platform helps to provide customized solutions that fit the needs of each business, which can vary.

-WhatsApp mass messaging requires customized, attention-grabbing and interactive content. In this direction, it should be ensured that the content prepared is in line with the campaign objectives. Otherwise, the desired benefit may not be achieved.

-Another important point to consider is to train and adjust the chatbot to respond to specific campaign messages and customer requests.

In summary, WhatsApp mass messaging and chatbot integration help businesses communicate with their customers in a more effective, fast and personalized way. As a result, benefits such as increasing brand loyalty and strengthening customer satisfaction can be achieved.

Why Use WhatsApp Bulk Messages?

WhatsApp is a popular messaging application with billions of users worldwide. WhatsApp allows users to communicate securely, quickly and easily. Businesses in particular can use WhatsApp bulk messaging to interact with their customers, announce promotions and support customer service.

With WhatsApp bulk messaging, important messages such as campaign announcements, special offers or new product news can be delivered to the target audience instantly. This also means that the business stands out in the sectoral competition. With WhatsApp bulk messaging, businesses can make their voices heard more strongly, communicate more effectively with their customers and promote their brand to a wider audience.

Thanks to the WhatsApp bulk messaging feature, sending a single message to multiple recipients at the same time can be done much faster than sending individual messages to each person. This provides a significant advantage, especially in terms of event announcements, information sharing or the easy delivery of bulk messages.

Again, thanks to WhatsApp bulk messaging, brands can communicate regularly with their customers or followers. As a result, it can increase brand loyalty and customer interaction. At the same time, it is possible to personalize the bulk messages sent. With options such as using names instead of first and last names, special addresses or adding specific personal details, messages can make their recipients feel more special and close to them.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. For this reason, it has higher open rates and gives businesses an advantage in reaching their customers. Messages sent to customers on WhatsApp also get more engagement. In addition to this, it is possible to increase conversion rates by using special, call-to-action interactive messages for customers.

WhatsApp bulk messaging is usually targeted at a specific group of people, allowing users to bring together and manage groups of people on specific topics. At the same time, WhatsApp mass messaging makes it much easier to manage organizations and events, with the ability to quickly share event announcements, mass gatherings, or important information.