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What is Reservation?

Reservation is the act of reserving seats for customers in such establishmentsby notifying them in advance in order to avoid confusion and avoid waiting for the service you will receive .

Nowadays, many companies, workplaces, and many companies working in different fields work with reservations.It is very difficult to manage and maintain this program.To organize this, dozens of people work and call centers are operated.Despite this, customer satisfaction may decrease as a result of errors such as problems occurring and making two reservations at the same time.

For this reason, you can benefit from the capabilities of technology and organize your reservations without any errors, saving time and workload.

Automatic reservation and tracking system with chatbot

There are so many scenarios and operations you can do with chatbots, we have listed a few of them for you below, and although it may sound complicated, it is actually very easy.First, you can visualize your scenario in your mind and write it down on a piece of paper, step by step, if necessary.This will be very useful for you when creating a scenario.

Additionally, while creating your scenario, you can instantly test the existing Chatbot before publishing it.After creating your scenario suitable for your current business and system, the process is now very simple, activating that scenario as it currently exists.Then you can sit back and monitor, control and generate reports from a system that takes reservations for you 24/7.

Now let’s examine a few sectors where you can make reservations with a chatbot.

How Does?

  1. For hotels

Making reservations is quite ingrained in hotel culture.Hotels can hire hundreds of people just for reservations.Although human resources selects your employees meticulously, sometimes unpleasant incidents may occur.However, our chatbot system never gets bored, does not insult, is always polite and works according to your instructions.When you activate the chatbot, this chatbot can talk to dozens or hundreds of people at the same time and take your reservations.You can also integrate these reservations with any existing reservation or similar system you use.In this way, it will be easier to follow and you will avoid confusion.

2.For hairdressers

Hairdressers, especially companies with a large customer base, mostly work by reservation.However, one of the important criteria for the hairdressing profession is the procedure to be performed.Since each process has a different duration and different staff, organization becomes very difficult at this point.

Offering a day option to your customer allows the customer to make a choice by offering a transaction option after choosing the days.Then, the customer chooses a time among the available hours, and thanks to the system integrated into the calendar, you can see the name, surname, day and time of the customer and the transaction to be performed from your phone.

By integrating the chatbot into your WhatsApp line, you can send automatic buttons and reservation options to your customers, so that they can automatically receive your reservation while you are doing your work.To avoid confusion, you can use a reservation system you already use or follow it manually.

3.For hospitals

Hospitals are busy places with many departments and a constant flow of doctors with different options between departments.

When your customer enters your site, our chatbot robot welcomes your customer.“Hello, get well soon.How can I help you?”

If your customer says he wants to make an appointment with gynecology, our robot offers doctor options, day and hospital options, and hours.Once it receives the customer’s required information, it is automatically added to your calendar.Then, it notifies the relevant doctor’s e-mail address and sends the patient information it has received.Now all that remains is to follow up and wait for the examination day.

4.For Petshops and Veterinary Clinics

A reservation system is always applied in places such as veterinary centers and beauty centers.In such places, there is critical information we need to obtain before booking.For example, the animal’s breed, species, disease, etc.By obtaining such information, you will prepare yourself for the customer or avoid making an appointment for a service you cannot meet.As a matter of fact, the same situation is valid for beauty centers.Before a customer arrives, you can request their requests, the service they want to receive, their weight, and even their photos if necessary, and make an appointment accordingly.

5.For schools

Schools are serious and planned institutions.Students’ entry and exit times, courses to be taught, course plans, and meeting times are like a ticking clock.Parents want to get information about their children who are away.For this purpose, they can call the school frequently and request a meeting.In order not to disrupt the orderly process like a ticking clock, you can organize the meetings by informing the parents of the appropriate hours and days.

6.For car care washing places

Car service maintenance stations are very busy places.The institution is called or visited with different service requests, such as those who want to have their car repaired, those who want to buy a new car, those who want to have it maintained.Call centers are often operated for the organization of such institutions.However, customers are disturbed by the music played for minutes and the keystrokes to be made.Instead, choosing the service you want to receive within minutes and making a reservation accordingly will make your customer happy with your company.

7.For white goods technical support maintenance

White goods are very important items that are found in every home and when they break down, they disrupt many people’s work.Life at home comes to a halt when a refrigerator and washing machine breaks down.

However, sometimes we think that white goods are broken.In fact, we may encounter technical errors and hang-ups that we can solve with a simple process at home.For this, we will be with you again with chatbot systems.For example, water started flowing from your washing machine.When you enter the chatbot system and explain this, a video of the situations you need to organize at home can be sent to you via the chatbot.If the water continues to flow despite this, you can automatically create your reservation by entering information such as the code of your white goods, serial number, address and phone number.

8.For buses and airplanes

Terminals and airports are places where everyone waits, says goodbye, leaves their luggage and organizes their tickets.When we buy our tickets in advance and check in, the time we wait in the waiting rooms is significantly reduced.Thanks to our chatbot systems, you can receive customer information accurately and issue their tickets.

9.For Resterons

Türkiye celebrates the end of all kinds of gatherings by going to dinner.When there is a funeral, a baby is born, new job news, moving, they celebrate almost all kinds of meetings by eating.

It is very difficult to find a seat in restaurants, especially on days that are important for everyone, such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.Instead of stopping by with non-stop phone calls, you can make a reservation with your chatbot system.

10.For job posting organization

Many people who have applied for a job before know that you go through a process where you are kept waiting for hours.However, it is very easy to organize this situation for both the employer and the applicants with chatbot systems.


Chatbots are one way to make the work of psychologists who work in sessions, where the duration of each session is certain, and who generally work with a secretary, much easier.This system, which can provide you with information about incoming people, whether they have come before, and the date of your last meeting, will add a lot of innovation to your business.

12.Game and party houses

Party houses and game houses, which have become very popular lately, can observe how much faster their business is if they work by appointment.You can find out how many people will attend the birthday party, which composition they prefer, on which date they request it, and you can create the reservation with the chatbot in seconds.

As you have seen, you can create countless scenarios with Chatbot, and you can have the chatbot perform not only appointments or reservations, but also all online transactions you make in your system.

Supsis offers you the most effective solution at this point.Moreover, it minimizes the initial confusion with its trial period and support, help and documentation.

The reservation system operates in many sectors that we have mentioned and cannot count.However, the way to make this system error-free, easy and fast is the chatbots we use in Supsis live support systems

Don’t forget to visit our site to try it for free .

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