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What are the E-Commerce Demands of Generation Z?

How Did E-Commerce Start?

E-commerce started in the 1990s.It first emerged through phone calls and sales channels.As the use of the Internet became widespread, sales started to be made through websites.

It has been experienced by many people that shopping will be done online as the time spent at home increases with the pandemic.Since the pandemic process has lasted nearly two years, people have acquired habits in e-commerce, and it has also been experienced that shopping this way is safer and easier.

One of the most important sources of marketing and commerce is the audience we appeal to.Understanding and analyzing the characteristics of the audience you appeal to and providing services accordingly, as well as the quality of the product you offer, is very valuable for your sales.

Classification of generations

Generations are highly influenced by period characteristics.For this reason, some names have been made periodically in scientific articles according to the years of the generations born.

Classifying and organizing the research conducted is a method used to make the results more accurate.

It is seen that different definitions and classifications have been made about generations in the past.The compatibility of the behavioral patterns of people who lived at the same time and grew up in the same socio-cultural environment enabled generalizations to be made in the grouping of these generations.

Differences between historical and cultural events are the most basic elements in the classification of generations.However, developing technology has brought about globalization and accelerated change for humanity compared to previous periods.Generations classified according to historical events have now entered a new era with the development of information technologies and classification has been made within this framework.

Since 1965, the classification of generations began to be made in a sociological context.The new generations that will follow the Y and especially the Z generation have created the best examples of this situation (Kuyucu, 2014: 56).However, the starting years of generations may vary depending on countries and regions.(Yüksekbilgili, 2015: 261-265).


silent generation 1927-1945
baby boom  1946-1964
generation x 1965-1979
millennial generation 1980-1999
generation Z 2000-2020


Which years does Generation Z cover?

The idea of ​​generations, which has been the source of various researches, has not been fully clarified regarding their division into dates.Although some sources say that Generation Z started in 2000, it is more commonly said that Generation Z started in 1996.Here, there are common characteristics in terms of the environment in which the child is born, rather than the year.The technological and demographic characteristics of a child born in Istanbul in 1996 were not the same as those born in a remote village on the same date.But there is a fact over the years that this generation was born into technology.The education system has completely changed shape and parents’ attitudes have changed.

The end point of Generation Z is as controversial as its beginning.Some sources say 2020, while others refer to 2012.

What are the characteristics of Generation Z?

It is possible to state that the analytical and fast thinking methods of Generation Z representatives are quite high.However, all these features do not go beyond individuality.This generation, which is not prone to teamwork, has high self-confidence.

▶However, it is very likely that they will have an opinion on the fact that their families look at them differently.They are free, independent and there is nothing impossible for them.

▶60 percent of Generation Z dreams of changing the world.This is much more than the 39 percent of millennials who dream of changing the world.

▶The 71 percent of Generation Y who care about a university degree, as well as the 64 percent of Generation Z, show that they attach less importance to university than the previous generation.

▶According to research, 72 percent of high school students want to start a business one day, and 61 percent say they prefer to be entrepreneurs rather than employees.These rates show that they have a more entrepreneurial spirit than Generation Y.

▶They spend 41 percent of their time after school using phones and computers, handling multiple conversations at the same time.

What does appealing to Generation Z bring to your company?

Generation Z is a very strong community both in terms of population and in terms of influencing the generation before it.

According to research conducted on parents of generation Y, there is data showing that they shop according to their children’s opinions in their purchasing behavior.

In addition, generation Y, who are not as prone to technology as Generation Z, can get help from Generation Z in their shopping.

In summary, paying attention to the needs and demands of Generation Z, which constitutes the majority of your customer base, can increase your sales rates and take your company one step further.

How does Generation Z shop?

  • 8 second rule

The first 8 seconds are very important to attract the attention of Generation Z.We can say that the attention span of individuals of this generation is 8 seconds, so their attention will be distracted from the 9th second and your sales performance will decrease.

  • Impulsivity

They are individuals who prefer fast and instant shopping due to their attitude towards meeting their needs without delay.

  • Research

They tend to shop by browsing many sites to buy the cheapest and highest quality product.Instead of purchasing from a fixed vendor and remaining loyal, like generation Y, they continue to renew themselves regularly.

  • social issues

This generation, which is very sensitive about issues such as environment, nature and equality, prefers to follow organizations that are sensitive in this sense and buy their products.

For this reason, try to constantly show your sharing and efforts on social issues.

  • Videos

One of the most important reasons why all social media platforms today introduce short video features and work in this field is the intense attitude of this generation towards producing and watching videos.

  • social platforms

Their primary behavioral tendency to understand what kind of business any business is like is to check social media platforms.

Almost all of Generation Zactivelyuses at least one social media platform, so try to constantly promote your business on social media.

  • mobile compatibility

Generation Z continues most of the day and all kinds of work with applications.

They follow the work they do, the bus they wait for, and their shopping through applications.

You should make sure that your site is mobile supported.

How Understanding Generation Z Helps You Grow in E-Commerce

In order to develop and grow in e-commerce, it is necessary to plan both the current and the future.Generation Z, which constitutes today’s most current group, also has a great potential for e-commerce in the future, both as entrepreneurs and customers.Therefore, “What is Generation Z?”Searching for an answer to the question is an action that every e-commerce company should take.

Understanding Generation Z helps to have an idea about how e-commerce will be shaped in the future.When we look at the leading companies of e-commerce, it can be clearly seen that the time devoted to studies targeting this generation is not wasted.The fact that this current group of individuals addressed by e-commerce will constitute the future target audience will of course help e-commerce sites to grow.

It would be beneficial for e-commerce sites to see Generation Z not only as a customer base, but also as a kind of business partner.Taking advantage of the business and intellectual power of this generation, where new generation business ideas are more common and consistent, can also be a step that e-commerce sites can take towards growth.

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