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Redefine Customer Service and Make a Difference

Supsis:Redefine Customer Service and Make a Difference

Supsis customer service is crucial for any business. Effectively managing customer service is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business. With the rapid advancement of technology today, significant changes are taking place in customer service. At Supsis, we offer various methods to redefine customer service and make a difference.

Live support

Live Support  is one of the most effective communication tools in customer service. Our live support team is available 24/7 to assist customers in solving their issues instantly. Through live support, our customers can quickly find solutions to their problems, increasing their satisfaction.


Chatbot A chatbot is a customer service tool developed using artificial intelligence technology. Chatbots facilitate customer service operations by providing instant responses to customers. At Supsis, we can customize our chatbots to enhance the customer experience.

WhatsApp WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication applications today. We can use WhatsApp to provide quick and effective support to our customers, improving the customer service process. We can actively use WhatsApp to answer questions, provide information about products or services, and resolve complaints.


WhatsApp Business allows businesses to manage customer service in a more professional manner. With features such as creating a company profile, setting up automated responses, labeling, and reporting, WhatsApp Business is an effective tool to increase customer satisfaction.

Business Apı

API Integration API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that allows businesses to integrate different applications. At Supsis, we offer API integration for customer service. This enables businesses to keep customer information up-to-date, track orders, and respond to customer requests more quickly.

7/24 Support

Earn While Sleeping To differentiate customer service, we offer the feature of earning while sleeping. Our customer service team can respond to customer requests and resolve issues even outside working hours. This increases customer satisfaction, and businesses can earn money even while sleeping.

Help System A help system is a tool used to organize customer service more efficiently. We provide a customized help system for businesses. With this system, customer requests can be tracked, prioritized, and problems can be resolved more quickly.

Help System

Live Assistance To ensure customers receive immediate help, we offer a live assistance feature. Customers can click on the live assistance button on our website to instantly connect with a customer representative and resolve their issues. This increases customer satisfaction and helps businesses build customer loyalty.

Customer service is a significant competitive advantage for any business. At Supsis, we aim to redefine and make a difference in customer service, providing businesses with a better customer experience. Through methods such as live support, chatbot, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business API, earning while sleeping, help system, and live assistance, we can increase customer satisfaction and support the success of businesses.

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