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Live support system is the highlight 2024

Live Support Systems and Supsis: Effective Communication Management for Businesses

Live support system is one of the critical tools that enable businesses to interact with their customers and improve service quality. In this article, we will discuss the advantages Supsis provides to businesses and the general features of live support systems.


Live Support Systems General Features:

  • Instant Response Capability: Live support systems enhance customer satisfaction by providing instant responses to customer inquiries. Quick solutions contribute to positive customer experiences.
  • Multiple Communication Channels: The ability to integrate different communication channels such as email, chat, and phone offers customers flexibility in choosing their preferred method of communication.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Live support systems help businesses understand customer needs and trends by analyzing data from customer interactions. Performance reports enable tracking the effectiveness of the system.
  • Automation and Chatbot Integration: The capability to resolve repetitive issues through automatic responses and chatbots allows personnel to focus on more complex problems.

Advantages Provided by Supsis to Businesses:

  • Enhanced Security Measures: Supsis offers advanced security measures to safeguard customer and staff communication, ensuring the protection of customer information without the risk of security breaches.
  • Continuous Improvement of Customer Services: Supsis provides features such as reviewing recorded dialogues, monitoring customer feedback, and evaluating representative performance, enabling businesses to continuously enhance their customer services.
  • Unified Communication Management on a Single Platform: Businesses can streamline communication channels on a single platform using Supsis, making it easier for customers to reach out through different channels and manage all communication effectively.

The Future of Communication Management with Supsis:

Supsis will continue to evolve by integrating advanced artificial intelligence technologies in the future, making customer communication smarter and more effective. Supsis aims to empower businesses to build stronger and more connected relationships with their customers, turning live support systems into a competitive advantage.


Live support systems play a critical role in improving customer satisfaction, enhancing communication for businesses, and elevating service quality. The features and advantages offered by Supsis provide robust support for businesses to strengthen their customer focus and gain a competitive edge.

Choosing the Right Live Support System for Businesses:

When selecting a live support system for businesses, it’s essential to consider various factors based on the specific needs of the business. Different systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, the features provided by free live support systems should be evaluated.

For instance, Hubspot’s free live support system might be an ideal option for businesses using Hubspot CRM. It facilitates the identification of recurring customer issues by recording customer dialogues. However, technical issues might be present in Hubspot’s free plan.

Jivochat, another option, assists support teams in managing different conversations simultaneously by bringing together various channels. It also provides flexibility in language support. Still, Jivochat’s free plan may have some technical problems. enables continuous communication with customers and makes it easy to manage all customer interactions from a single center. However, some customer support services may be lacking in this system.

Other popular free live support systems include, Chatra, Tidio Live Chat, Freshchat, Smartsupp, Zoho Sales IQ Chat, and Each system comes with different advantages and disadvantages.


What is Supsis?

Supsis is a platform designed to provide live support to businesses and improve customer services. It ensures the security of staff and customer communication, tracks performance, and consolidates communication channels into a single platform.

How does Supsis work?

Supsis works by being integrated into the websites of businesses. Customers can send messages to businesses through live support on the website, resolving their issues efficiently. This allows businesses to provide quick and effective service.

What are the benefits of Supsis?

Supsis offers various benefits to businesses, including maintaining the security of staff and customer communication, improving customer services, tracking performance, and consolidating communication channels on a single platform.

How can Supsis be accessed?

To access Supsis, you can visit the Supsis website. You can gather more information about the services Supsis provides and explore the options for a free trial.

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