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Live Support for WordPress Site

Adding live support plugin to WordPress site

There is a reality that covers a large part of our lives and makes everything easier with its live support system: Technology!

Whatever job we do, we have to show ourselves in this world.Technological tools are one of the important resources that not only work, but also opens the blogs we write and the photos we take to the whole world.

The fastest and healthiest way to achieve this expansion is through websites.Even if we are a blogger or an e-commerce site, we have to open a website and promote our work there.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to create a website is WordPress.

WordPress offers us hundreds of options and helps us create a site suitable for our business and the service we provide.It is a highly preferred system thanks to its easy installation.

However, introducing yourself to the world does not end with opening a website.We can assume that people who visit your site are curious about you and your products.There is a high probability that a visitor who comes to your site to get information about you may not be able to access all the information and needs help.

Live support and chatbot systems are innovative, fast and easy to help site visitors.By providing 24/7 support to your visitors, you can ensure that your visitors turn into customers.

These sites, which you set up via WordPress, have Supsis Live Support and ChatBot systems that you can download and use for free .

So what can you do with this live support system?

  • Thanks to Supsis, you can communicate with your customers by connecting many channels, including your own site, WhatsApp, Instagram, e-mail, SMS and website, to your live support system.You can also follow it via mobile application.
  • You can have voice and video conversations with customers and representatives during calls, and send files and pictures to each other.
  • You don’t need representatives who speak languages.Our system detects many languages ​​in the world.Your representative answers in his own language, but the answer is automatically translated and sent to your customer in his own language.
  • Thanks to ChatBot, you can reduce the number of customer representatives.Even if the Customer Representative is offline, your customers can continue to contact you and ask questions.
  • Screen Sharing

Your visitors can more easily submit their questions and requests by sharing their screens.

  • Reporting

You can see how many customer meetings your staff made, how long they spent dealing with a customer, and how many points they received at the end of the call. You can track the work of your staff and create relevant reports.

  • Smart triggers:

Triggers are smart chat invitations that you send when your customers are in a certain section of your page.In this way, your customers’ staying time on the site and their likelihood of shopping increases.

  • 24/7 Support Opportunity
  • Chat between Agents
  • Speech Transcription, File and Audio Transfer
  • Department Recognition and Routing
  • Easy to Use with System Shortcuts
  • Receiving Conversation Recordings via Email
  • Real Time System and Agent Tracking


Chatbot does the following for you

  • Makes Reservations

By integrating into your reservation system, you can create special reservations for available dates.

  • Makes Sales

With the chatbot, your customer can fisnd the product he wants and then pay for it without being directed to any page.

  • It Keeps Track of Cargo and tocks.

By integrating with your system, it can track your products, stock numbers and cargo.

  • Can Create Label, Department, Ticket.

It can assign your representatives according to departments and create tickets for you in offline mode if you wish.

  • Organizes Customer Surveys

It can offer all the surveys you want to offer to your customers.

What you need to do to add Supsis live support and chatbot systems to your WordPress site

To install Supsis on your site, you must follow these steps:

  1. First, enter the admin panel of your website.
  2. Then scroll your page and click on the plugins section written in the left pane.
  3. Click the add new button at the top of the page that opens.
  4. Type Supsis in the search button that says Search from plugins.
  5. Download the system by clicking the ‘install now’ button on the page that appears.
  6. Click on the button that turns into Activate.
  7. Then, your Supsis live support system will be set up in a few minutes.
  8. You will be presented with color options, from here you can choose the shape of your button.
  9. You can choose the color that best suits your site from the colors displayed and adjust its tone from the color chart.
  10. After selecting the colors, the Supsis panel will now open in front of you.
  11. After the panel is opened, you can create a chatbot bot by clicking on the robot icon, which is the second among the icons on the left, and at this point you can benefit from our ready-made scenarios.
  12. You can create a smart trigger by clicking on the lightning icon, which is in the seventh row of the icons on the left.

After doing all this, if there is anything you do not understand, you can call us from the live support section of our website or phone number.

If you would like to add new features to our features, we would like to state that we are always open to your requests and suggestions and are ready to create a system that meets your needs.

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