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Chatbot and Live Support: Keep Your Business Open 24/7

Chatbot and Live Support

Chatbot and Live support and services are important tools that enable businesses to communicate better with their customers.Especially in situations where businesses need to be open 24/7, live support and chatbots provide a great advantage.These services provide a convenient channel for customers to ask questions or request support at any time.

Live support service allows businesses to communicate with their customers in real time.Customers can contact a customer representative directly by clicking the live support button on their website or mobile application.This service provides an effective way to quickly answer customers’ questions and resolve their problems.Additionally, thanks to the live support service, businesses can establish more personal communication with their customers and increase customer satisfaction.

Chatbots, on the other hand, are programs that automatically respond to customers using artificial intelligence technology.By integrating chatbots into their websites or mobile applications, businesses can automatically answer customers’ questions.Chatbots prevent customers from waiting by providing fast and accurate answers to frequently asked questions.Additionally, thanks to chatbots, businesses can improve customer experience and increase sales by interacting with their customers.

Another effective tool for businesses to be open 24/7 is Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business applications.Using these applications, businesses can communicate with their customers via instant messaging.The WhatsApp Business application offers businesses features such as creating a custom profile, sending automatic messages, and creating interactive menus.In this way, businesses can communicate with their customers more easily and quickly.

Another advantage that live support and chatbot services provide to businesses is API integration.Businesses can communicate with their customers more efficiently by integrating live support and chatbot services with their existing CRM or customer management systems.Thanks to API integration, businesses can track customers’ entire communication history and provide a more personalized service.

As a result, live support and chatbot services are powerful tools for businesses to increase customer satisfaction, improve communication and ensure business continuity.These services support businesses to stay open 24/7 and communicate effectively with their customers.When combined with chatbots that quickly resolve frequently asked questions and problems, and tools such as WhatsApp that offer instant communication, businesses can further strengthen customer service.

Fast and Effective Communication:Live support service allows customers to communicate instantly on your website or application.Customers can ask their questions instantly and solve their problems quickly.This rapid communication increases customer satisfaction and ensures that potential customers choose your business.

Chatbots for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):Chatbots put customer service teams at ease by automatically answering frequently asked questions.Customizable chatbots can answer customers’ basic questions quickly and accurately.This leaves a positive impression that customers are receiving better service.

24/7 Access:Businesses can provide service to customers in different time zones by providing access to customers 24/7.This is especially important for businesses that cater to customers around the world.Chatbots provide uninterrupted service by providing automatic responses during this period.

Instant Communication with Whatsapp:Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business are powerful communication tools for businesses.Businesses can interact with their customers via instant messaging on these platforms.Especially for mobile users, this communication channel is extremely accessible and user-friendly.

API Integration:Integrating live support and chatbot services with existing CRM or customer management systems allows businesses to better manage customer data.This integration is important for tracking customers’ past communications, providing personalized services and optimizing sales strategies.

Data Analysis:Live support and chatbots collect and analyze data of customer interactions.This data can be used to understand customer behavior, improve your products or services and predict customer demands.

Cost Savings:Chatbots that offer automatic responses can reduce the need for customer service staff, thus providing cost savings to businesses.

Business Continuity:Live support and chatbots play a critical role in ensuring business continuity in times of crisis or unexpected periods of high demand.With these services, businesses can better manage crisis situations by responding quickly to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions for Live Support:

a.How does Live Support work?

  • Live support is a service you can access from the chat window in the lower right corner of our website.You can contact a customer representative in real time and ask your questions.

b.What are your working hours?

  • We are proud to offer 24/7 live support.So you can contact us at any time.

c.How can your customer support team help?

  • Our customer support team is here to answer questions, resolve technical issues, or handle requests for assistance regarding our products or services.

2. Frequently Asked Questions for Chatbot:

a.What is a chatbot and how to use it?

  • Chatbot is an automatic program and you can access it from the chat window on our website.Type your questions, and the chatbot automatically answers you.

b.What kinds of questions can the chatbot answer?

  • Chatbots can be used for many tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions, providing explanations, sharing product or service information, and even processing appointments or orders.

c.I want to talk to a customer representative, when will it be possible?

  • If the chatbot cannot answer your question or you need further assistance, we can connect you with a customer representative.Please let us know using the “Contact Customer Representative” option.

3. Frequently Asked Questions for Communication via Whatsapp:

a.How can I contact via Whatsapp?

  • To contact us via Whatsapp, you can click on the Whatsapp icon on our website or application, or save our number and send a direct message.

b.What kind of features do you offer with Whatsapp Business?

  • Using Whatsapp Business, we can create a personalized profile for you, set up auto-response messages and create interactive menus.These features help us communicate with you faster and more effectively.

c.When is WhatsApp communication possible?

  • You can send us a message via Whatsapp.We respond to messages received during our business hours as soon as possible, but in case of emergency you can also contact us outside hours.

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