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Using Chat GPT and Live Support in E-commerce 2022

The ease of use of Chat GPT and live chat in eCommerce may have played an important role in the recent sales growth. It is really simple to visit all the stores in your pajamas while at home and quickly buy the product you want. And every year, even every month! The convenience of online shopping seems to be increasing. New payment integrations are developed every day, the number of mobile devices increases the number of customers who shop online, and Google’s emphasis on mobile-friendly websites encourages stores to create mobile-friendly sites. In addition, Chatbots such as Chat GPT play very important roles in E-commerce and other industries.

It is possible that it has contributed significantly to the recent exponential rise of e-simplicity Commerce. With Chat GPT and Chatbot, simplicity has risen to extremely high levels and it has become very easy to meet customer demands and requests.

Advantages of Chat GPT and Live Support in E-commerce

Using live chat, Chatbot, and Chat GPT is another way to delight your customers, reducing their ongoing frustration. Of course, removing the barriers that prevent your customers from making a purchase will satisfy them and improve their overall experience. Use live chat, Chatbot, and Chat GPT instead of FAQs instead of relying on fixed texts that you believe your consumers can find answers to. Additionally, it is very important to greet angry consumers with polite words rather than a long list of problems and a fixed text. Chat GPT is very kind and understanding at this point and solves the problems very well.

Agents, with the right training and scenario, it is possible to have Chatbot and Chat GPT do everything. They will be able to meet the demands such as first welcome, meeting for every business area in every sector, for people in every position, and provide transactions.

Benefits of Live Support for Businesses

Are your shipping charges excessive? Is it difficult to choose a product? What can you do to increase customer satisfaction and increase spending? With live chat, you can get candid reviews that can improve your website’s conversion rate and long-term customer experience. Helping customers find the ideal product for their needs will delight them. This can be really frustrating (and cause the customer to go to a competitor to help with their decision) if you’re not sure if you have the right product. If you give the best offer according to their needs and wishes, your customer will be satisfied and your income will increase. You can establish a personal connection with a potential consumer by having a genuine discussion with them.

This dialog can also be used to explore requirements, identify requests, and then match them to the ideal offer. With the right tools, a professional live chat representative can find out what the customer really wants from the product and determine if there is room for a highly relevant up-selling or cross-selling conversation. Naturally, advice should not be imposed on the client, but rather genuinely helpful. become enthusiastic about the importance of simple up-sells and cross-sells, but the consumer is often overlooked. This is a very dangerous mistake. When preparing your upselling/cross-selling activities, your first focus should be on the customer.

You want to highlight the most important products while meeting individual customer demands, as determined by consumer demand and previous purchases. By including live chat, you can further customize your eCommerce website. Live chat can be used to increase the convenience of online shopping as well as entice customers to convert. Since most customers who abandon their carts have an intention to buy, you must take action.

Chat GPT Benefits of Chatbot to Businesses

Chatbots are very useful for you to lighten your workload and to minimize personnel expenses. A chatbot can automatically do all the work in your operation and your entire system on the online side. It will actively process in line with the scenario you have set up and meet all incoming requests. He will not make any mistakes and will be able to communicate with unlimited people actively at all hours of the day. These chatbots, which we can also call digital assistants, are also integrated there when you provide integrations such as Whatsapp and Instagram in Supsis.

With the Whatsapp chatbot, you will be able to both manage all your chats and turn them into an automatic system. At the same time, you will be able to provide transactions such as sending buttons via Whatsapp and bulk messages on Whatsapp.

With the Instagram chatbot, it will be able to meet all incoming requests (DM, Comment) and requests on Instagram as well as on Whatsapp.

Joint use of Supsis Chatbot with Chat GPT

Supsis Chatbot works integrated with Chat GPT. By activating and integrating Chat GPT, Chat GPT artificial intelligence chatbot will help you in all your operations.

Chat GPT Features

    • Question and answer: We have explained the most basic feature in detail above. It is also among the functions of explaining what anything does.
    • Solving mathematical equations: It has the ability to solve even difficult equations in seconds. He can even tell you in a simple way how he solved it. We have to say that he is a good teacher.
    • Writing texts: Basic academic articles, literary texts, movie scripts, etc. successful in rendering all texts. Of course, it is very important that you direct it correctly and provide the most accurate information.
    • Software development, software debugging and correction: Chat GPT, which is very successful in writing code, also includes the process of correcting the errors in the code block and adding the correct one. yapmaktadır.
    • Interlingual translation: While doing all the translations between languages, it can also help you improve your language by chatting with you in those languages, from the simple level to the most challenging level.
    • Summarizing the text and detecting the keywords in the text: It can give you a summary when you do not want to read long articles and texts.
    • Classification: It performs the process of categorizing and classifying information correctly.
    • Making recommendations: When you ask questions about a topic or activity, they can convey their recommendations like a friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to all these, you can also experience the convenience of managing all your communication channels from one place with Supsis.

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