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Enes Dur


Standing out with his passion for technology and his ability to think innovatively, Enes Dur played an important role in the establishment process of Supsis. As a computer engineer, his extensive knowledge and experience in software development has successfully made Supsis a functional and user-friendly platform. Leading the team, he also took an active role in coordinating team members and moving the project forward.

Mesut Yiğit

CTO-Computer Engineer

With his deep knowledge and experience in the field of technology, he shapes and directs the technical vision of the company. Its expertise in software and engineering plays an important role in the development of Supsis products and services. At the same time, it manages the technical team members to ensure the successful completion of projects and offers innovative solutions. Mesut Yiğit helps Supsis maintain its competitive and pioneering position by closely following technological developments.

Ayberk Güney

CEO- Computer Engineer

Ayberk Güney is the CEO of Supsis as a computer engineer. He determines and directs the general strategies of the company thanks to his knowledge and leadership abilities in the field of technology. His deep understanding of both technical and business strategies helps Supsisde maintain its competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market. Ayberk Güney ensures that company goals are achieved by coordinating the team and offers innovative solutions. It drives the success of Supsis both by following technology trends and managing its business vision.
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