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Smart TriggersSystem

Increase Your Productivity With Attractive Triggers For Your Customers Entering Your Site!

Increase Your Chances with Smart Triggers

Automatic Messages in Every Language

Smart triggers will automatically detect your visitor’s language and automatically extract the messages you specify according to specific situations.You can use various strategies to make your visitors feel special. First of all, you can highlight the topics that are of interest to visitors by presenting a special welcome message based on the page they are on. This attracts the attention of visitors and gives them a personalized experience.

We Are Always Here To Support You!

Thanks to the triggers, you can send automatic chat balloons to visitors to your site, ask if they need help or something else.

Bubble texts specific to the pages they visit
According to the hours, you can make them feel special and always with many rules such as good morning, good evening messages.


Press the “Smart Triggers” button from the left menu.

Adding a New Trigger

Click on the “Add new trigger” button on the page that opens.

Activate the Button

Activate the inactive Trigger button at the top. That’s it! That’s it!

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