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Supsis smart reports allow you to monitor your sales and support teams, while also presenting where your teams can improve.

All About Your Employees!

Efficiency and Performance Improvement

Supsis’ reports cover elements such as monitoring the daily movements of staff, managing workload and productivity analysis. In this way, businesses can measure personnel performance, optimize activities and use resources more efficiently. Reports also allow for tracking of customer wait times, responsiveness, and performance metrics so improvement opportunities can be identified.



Customer Satisfaction and Process Improvements

Supsis’ reports offer the opportunity to measure and manage customer satisfaction through customer feedback, surveys and chatbots. These reports allow businesses to evaluate the performance of agents and staff by analyzing customer reviews and ratings. In addition, businesses can gain insights into understanding business processes, identifying opportunities for improvement, and improving the customer experience through reports.


Major Report Features

The Supsis report feature offers you a lot of detailed information for users. So you can see the performance of your representatives more clearly.


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