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Instant Visitor TrackingSystem

Turn your website visitors into customers with Visitor Tracking!

Easily transmit chat information between Supsis and Telegram.

The most important way to include the potential customers you have collected with intense effort and expense on your website among your existing customers is visitor tracking. As a result of good tracking and analysis, you can see which pages visitors visit and how long they spend and direct your business plan accordingly. You can also contact your instant visitors, direct them to purchase products and services, and answer their questions. All these features are completely free with Supsis!

Instant Visitor Tracking

Thanks to the visitor tracking feature, you can track which pages your visitors visited, how long they stayed and which page they showed the most interest in. This feature will help you make progress in your sales and customer satisfaction. By making your transaction and sales plans according to these reports, you will achieve more accurate results with more accurate focus. Additionally, thanks to smart triggers, you can assign custom triggers to your visitors for each page and send them chat bubbles.

Empower with Smart Triggers

Smart triggers offer a powerful way to engage your visitors as they navigate your website. Thanks to SupSis’ smart triggers, you can create custom chat bubbles based on your visitors’ behavior. For example, when a visitor visits a particular product page, you can offer a special offer on that product or provide additional helpful information. You can also automatically start chats with visitors at certain times or when browsing certain pages. This allows you to interact effectively with your visitors and respond to their needs faster. As a result, this feature reduces the communication gap between you and your customers and contributes to increased sales.

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Instant Visitor Tracking System