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What is whatsapp chatbot?

Today we will examine the fastest integrated and most affordable Whatsapp Chatbot with you. First, “What is Whatsapp Chatbot?” let’s look at him. The pandemic situation in the past years has affected the use of applications with which we can communicate, as it has affected many situations. When it comes to online communication all over the world, WhatsApp comes to mind first. WhatsApp increased its users with an increase of up to 40% with the effect of the pandemic. With the momentum provided by WhatsApp, multiple doors of opportunity have been opened.

One of the areas most affected by the pandemic period was commercial life. Currently, many businesses that keep up with the companies that put their business on online platforms have moved their business life to the internet.

While the transition to online platforms in the business world brought many communication applications, WhatsApp was the one that came out with the most benefits. Communication opportunities were offered to many businesses with the WhatsApp API and WhatsApp Business offered by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business has become a platform mostly used by small businesses to stay in touch with their customers. Medium and large businesses used the more functional WhatsApp API. WhatsApp API, which can be used by all businesses as of May 2022, uses the “chatbot” system for customer services and notification transmissions.

WhatsApp Chatbot is a system that takes care of your customers using artificial intelligence or pre-programmed rules.

Your customers can communicate as if they are talking to a real person in the conversation interface, thanks to chatbots that can advance the conversation with superior skill by offering pre-prepared automatic answers. The chatbot system comes to your aid in answering questions about services and products, in all kinds of communication related to order processing, cargo operations and payments.

İçerik Konuları

How Does a Chatbot Work?

The working logic of chatbots is based on sense-language programming and machine learning. When the chatbot is asked a question, it understands and answers what the user is asking, as the algorithms process the input.

Chatbots have to rely on the algorithm’s ability to detect and detect the complexity of words. In the event that this algorithm is constantly improving, the other person may come to the point that he cannot even understand whether the person he is talking to is a robot or a human. Chatbots need constant monitoring and development to make them work better.

What is whatsapp chatbot?
What is whatsapp chatbot?

Types of Chatbots

Chatbots can be considered in two different categories. These are as follows:

Rule-based chatbots: Rule-based chatbots follow a set of rules to respond to user-submitted questions. Almost all the applications used consist of chatbots that respond according to the rules found. Weather applications can be given as an example; When asked about the weather, it takes the information from the necessary sources and responds to you.

Machine-learning-based chatbots: Machine-learning-based chatbots can drive more complex conversations as they try to process the questions asked and make them meaningful. These bots store information they see from previous conversations, learn them and use it to advance a more advanced conversation in the future.

Why Use Chatbot?

If you have a small business it may not be difficult to respond to a few messages on your own, but as the business grows you will not be able to run your business that way.
Giving answers manually will lead to the problem of “lack of speed” in customer service.
Customers generally do not like to wait minutes or hours for even the smallest question they ask. As the waiting time increases, the satisfaction will decrease and you will have lost a large amount of customers in your processing.

By using a chatbot, you will be in contact with customers regardless of place and time, and you will also significantly reduce the amount of money invested in customer service.
Since chatbots are not common in our country, you can stand out more next to other companies.
By getting feedback easily, you can identify the good and bad aspects of your business and deal with them.

What are the Uses of Chatbots?

One of the issues that is curious is in which areas the chatbot can be used. According to a study conducted by Drift, people were asked what they could use the chatbot for. We have added the table where the answers are shared below for you.

As the participants stated, the chatbot system mostly serves to handle the tasks of businesses much faster than a human power. With the time freedom created by the chatbot system, the problems of broken communication between businesses and customers are solved.

Things to Consider When Developing Chatbots for Your Business

Before creating a chatbot, it is very important to determine what you will use your bot for, evaluate what you want the chatbot to do, and think about possible problems that may occur.

First, you should define a role for your chatbot and evaluate how this role will contribute to you. For example, a bot can save you time and effort, or it can benefit you by increasing productivity. You are likely to get big results as you start with small inputs. It is always recommended to start with the lowest layer and gradually complicate it. You can set the role of your bots easily at first and give them more difficult roles as they develop.

It is also very important to know your target audience and program the chatbot accordingly; You need to know your customers and train your bot about the questions they might ask. You should review your previous customer chats and prepare scenarios based on frequently asked questions to your bot. Knowing your target audience will always move your business forward. You can create a reference source by saving past chats.

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot?

After topics such as what a chatbot is and the benefits of its use, we need to talk about how to create a WhatsApp chatbot.

Whatsapp Chatbot with Supsis Chatbot

Supsis live support and chatbot system provides you this opportunity automatically. How Does? First, you open a Supsis account and then you integrate your Whatsapp line into the system with the Whatsapp Integration feature.
In this way, all your Chatbot and Whatsapp conversations are archived. You can provide studies for a better service by performing reports and analyzes as you wish.
In addition, Whatsapp Chatbot can learn the transactions over time or transfer the conversation to the representatives as you specify, with its ability to learn in situations that cannot be resolved against all kinds of possibilities or are very irrelevant.

Normal Whatsapp Chatbot:
Then you switch to the Chatbot service offered by Supsis, and you create and activate the Chatbot scenario that suits you. In this way, your Whatsapp Chatbot service is automatically activated and occurs at the lowest costs.
Or you should refer to WhatsApp API for Whatsapp Chatbot. When you apply, you must provide the name of your business, the website link and the information of the business representative. Once WhatsApp confirms the accuracy of this information, you will be ready to use the app.

It would be good to support the process with solution providers. WhatsApp solution providers are third parties with platform expertise. They can help connect your business’ existing chatbots to the WhatsApp platform and solve your problems. These processes are very long and costly.

It is also possible to customize your chatbot. So, in what ways you can customize your chatbot, let’s take a look below.

You can customize your chatbot to make it unique and save customer information and use it in the chat in the future to reduce duplication.
First you have to set a phrase in which the bot greets and introduces itself, and you can add options to return or repeat a question when it gets stuck at any point in the conversation or can’t detect what’s being said. Besides, it is known by everyone that WhatsApp is encrypted. If you wish, your bot can ask the customer to add a password or verification option that will be asked in each conversation before accessing the information.

After the greeting, you can prepare a menu to be chosen by the other person and guide the bot easily and without conflict.
You can also add the ability to send images and videos to your chatbot. For example, when your customer requests detailed information about the service you provide, the bot can send the necessary photos or videos.
Finally, the Chatbot can ask if there’s anything else it can help with and end the conversation with a goodbye message.

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