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What is e-export

İçerik Konuları

What is E-Export?

The return of the digital world, e-commerce, transforms the distance between the seller and the buyer into the shortest. Let’s examine what is E-export in e-commerce and how it works. In this form of trade, which ignores the distances, trade becomes easy, regardless of national or international.

The advancement of today’s technology day by day ignores all distance problems. Nowadays, when we can access everything from digital screens, shopping can be done from anywhere. E-commerce, which allows sales from different provinces within the same country, also ignores the distances between countries.

The concept of export, which is explained as sales between countries, is called e-export when done online. In this case, e-export is the sending of goods or services via e-commerce to a buyer in another country with an E-Commerce Customs Declaration (ETGB) within the scope of micro-export.

What are the Advantages of E-Export?

  • In e-export, it is possible to trade abroad without the need for traditional procedures.
  • E-export can be traded at less cost than traditional exports.
  • E-exports are exempt from VAT in many countries. Therefore, there is the possibility of getting a VAT refund.
  • Thanks to e-export, products can be sold to both consumers and companies.
  • In e-export, the target audience is much wider, as it is possible to sell directly to the consumer.
  • The potential customer base is larger due to its presence on both domestic and international market sites.
  • In e-export, the probability of profit is higher as payments are received in foreign currency. Thanks to exchange rate fluctuations, a higher profit rate than expected can be achieved.

Due to the fact that less quantity of products are sent in e-export, the risk rate in shipment is lower.

What are the Disadvantages of E-export?

  • E-export is a more restricted form of trade as it is done within the scope of micro-export.
  • Payment is made online in e-export. For this reason, the criteria of payment methods can cause difficulties for the seller if they are not supported.
  • Responsible seller for returns and exchanges. In this trade model, where sales are made directly to the consumer, extra costs may arise for the seller.
  • In sales to more than one country, the seller may need to determine more than one sales method, since the sales procedures (tax, packaging, labeling) of each country are different.
  • Competition in the e-export model is extremely high. For this reason, companies need time to develop their sales policies.
  • Communicating and persuading foreign customers can be more of a hassle than with local customers.
  • After specifying the advantages and disadvantages of e-export, let’s talk about how to do e-export.

How is e-export done?

You have two different ways to do e-export. One of them is to create a website of your company where you can e-export. Another is to take advantage of already existing global market sites.

Utilizing E-Export Sites

It is faster and easier to make sales from these already existing e-export sites. There are many stores on these sites that trade just like you.

E-export sites already have customers. Therefore, you do not need to attract extra customers for yourself. At the same time, the trust and loyalty of these customers to the site has already been formed. With all this, the only thing you can do is to keep your site stocks up-to-date and not disrupt your customers’ work.

So what are these e-export sites?

  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • Ali Dad
  • Amazon
  • Aliexpress
What is e-export
What is e-export ?

Build Your Own Website

Another way to do e-export is to create your own website. With this website, it is possible to reflect your company to your customers in the way you want.

Establishing your own e-export site brings a good prestige to your company. However, it also brings with it many problems. Many burdens such as attracting customers, ranking high in search engines, ensuring the security of your website are on your shoulders.

Considering that you are already in a great competition with the presence of multiple companies in the e-export market, there are many things you need to do to make your own website stand out.

Search Engine Optimization

You should use search engine optimizations to make your site stand out in search engines. You can increase your rankings thanks to the keywords, relevance and many other factors in your content.

Social Media Platforms

The power of social media is a fact known to everyone. Therefore, in order to increase your recognition, you should be an active and active role in social media.


One of the important things that will increase your probability of attracting customers is the advertisements you give. You can increase your customers by taking advantage of the advertising packages of social media, influencer marketing and other advertising channels.

Customer service

The relationships that companies that want to do e-export will establish with their customers are much more important. This is because of the distances between buyer and seller. You should definitely create a separate budget for customer service in order to build trust with your customers and make them permanent.

Let Supsis take care of your customers for you!

Supsis Live Support System is a support software program. You can prove your reliability to your customers and increase your sales in the face of the services Supsis will offer you.

The two biggest problems in e-export are language and time between countries. Thanks to Supsis, you can easily eliminate these two big problems.

Thanks to the automatic language translation feature offered by Supsis, the help messages written by your customer in their own language will be delivered to you in main language. Likewise, the answers you write in own language will be sent to your customer in their own language, so you will provide an easily understandable service.

For the time and distance problem, your biggest supporter will be the chatbot. Chatbot is a software that offers you 24/7 live support staff. He does not get tired, does not get sleepy and never slacks off from his work. The chatbot will continue to work for you while you escape from all this work stress and relax.

Contact us now to take advantage of these services.

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