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What İs a Chatbot?

İçerik Konuları

What is Chatbot?

What is chatbot in the Turkish meaning that we hear frequently? Let’s take a look: Chatbots are programs that simulate a human speaking through text or voice interactions. Chatbots have become indispensable for institutions and industries and have improved the customer experience. Chatbot service is widely used for different purposes for various industries and brands. Chatbots can be used for different purposes, such as buying movie tickets, learning about your credit account, and finding out where your order is. What is chatbot, let’s continue our article;

Adding chatbot chatbots to systems not only lowers overall costs by better utilizing call center support staff’s time, but also allows companies to maintain a certain level of customer service during hours when live agents are not available.

What is chatbot, let’s continue our article;

Chatbot Types

Chatbot software is quite diverse. In this context, we can talk about two main types of chatbots. The first of these types is a static Chatbot, and the second is a dynamic Chatbot.

Static Chatbot

In static chat bots, communication is usually one-way and very long dialogs do not occur. Because when static chatbots ask questions to interact with the user, these questions depend on rule-based decision trees. This means that the bot asks a set of predetermined questions that are pinned to the conversation branch. The larger the solution area of ​​the static bot, the more complex it becomes and almost impossible to maintain. While there are limits to what the human brain can digest, this means that a bot can only be as good as the person who created it. In general, chatbots based on static decision trees are not a sustainable solution for companies and not a satisfactory solution for their customers.

Dynamic Chatbot

Dynamic chatbot, on the other hand, is a two-way chatbot that is preferred especially in subjects such as banking. Chatbots belonging to this type act as artificial intelligence systems that send the first message and warn people and users when they notice any problem or problem. They also work with predefined questions and solutions, but in this case an algorithm dynamically decides which question to ask and when to solve based on the system’s current knowledge.

Having a chatbot with dynamic decision trees provides a logical framework that holds context and knows what questions to ask the user to arrive at the right solution. This approach provides the user with fast and convenient solutions. After each click, a new, dynamic decision is made by the algorithm to present the next best question.

What is chatbot, let’s continue our article;

What you can do with a Dynamic Chatbot and its features

You may think that this dynamic chatbot solution will not bring you great value, but you would be wrong. Both you and your customers will benefit from this application. These benefits can be broadly listed as follows;

What İs a Chatbot?
What İs a Chatbot?

Customer interactions and ease of communication

It provides the follow-up of the dialogue by making sense of the written expressions coming from the other side and manages the conversation. At the same time, it exhibits a quality communication example with answers appropriate to the dialogue flow. Finds correct answers and solves problems. It provides personalized interaction and primary care support. It provides powerful support in closed dialogs where predefined options and responses guide your customers on their service journey. If necessary, transfers the conversation to the live customer representative.

What is chatbot, let’s continue our article;

Data collecting

Your chatbot can be a great way to get to know your audience without having to make a query (which, let’s be honest, no one wants to answer). Information gathered from observed customer activities can then be used to run campaigns specific to a buyer, help users navigate the site, and answer future questions.

Product Recommendation

Based on each consumer’s data, the dynamic chatbot can compare this information with your company’s products and suggest which one is the best option.

Marketing Campaigns

You can also send ad campaigns to your customers via your chatbot and keep them informed of the latest news.

Lead Generation

Many will want to participate with your chatbot, which provides information about your products and how they can improve your customers’ lives. In such cases, automation and information gathering is the beginning of a new partnership.

Customer retention

Often times, services are discontinued because customers do not feel heard or taken into account. You can send follow-up messages through your chatbot and find out how users are doing after the resolved case. This way, you show that your brand cares and cares about its customers.

Customer experience

Chatbots can improve the customer experience in the following ways:

  • § Reduction of customer waiting time and immediate response
  • § Providing customers with 24/7 customer support
  • § Minimize the stress and inconvenience some customers feel when they have to contact customer support by reducing waiting times and streamlining conversation
  • § Improve redirection of customer inquiries
  • § Developing brand personality by adding customized elements to the chatbot

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of how chatbots will impact the customer experience, businesses also get a number of benefits. For example, customers who are more satisfied with their service, thanks to an improved customer experience, increase the likelihood that a company will maintain loyal profitability.

What is chatbot, let’s continue our article;

Conveniences for chatbot owner companies

The freedom to not have a stable flow benefits not only users but also the company and team that deploys the chatbot. Initial bot content is easy to set up, as it’s best practice to start with the first 20 requests. Further training occurs when a new solution is added to the dataset and the algorithm predicts which question to answer. Based on solution clustering, past conversations are grouped to minimize training efforts.

Usage examples of dynamic chatbots

· When the user, who cannot get any interesting activity from the site, turns to close the page, he can start a speech bubble about the content of the page so that the user does not leave the page. This could be to dynamically initiate the flow of “Calculate and apply for loans” to a user who comes to the loans page in a banking bot and does not take any action and intends to leave the site. The ongoing chatbot’s ability to produce different solutions and handle problems from different aspects will attract the attention of users.

· A request for help can be offered regarding the problem of the user who is about to leave the basket by being undecided in the basket of the e-commerce site. The abandonment rate of users from the site basket will decrease.

· On the page containing the model of the car bot, there can be a chatbot describing the features and differences of the vehicle, and the information about the model can be finalized with a test drive.

· In case the user who wants to communicate makes a phone number search on the contact page, it can be informed that the notification can be made via the bot.

This and similar scenarios can be increased in line with your needs and demands.

Proper use of time is important for everyone and actively seeking solutions is an important factor in eliminating problems. We continue to work and produce. We believe that the dynamic approach will create an effective chatbot-user relationship.

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