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what is chatbot?

In this article, we will examine the chatbot systems that have been very popular for businesses recently. So “What is Chatbot?” Let’s look at this first:

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What is Chatbot?

The chatbot, which means “chat robot” in short, can actually chat with you according to its programming purpose. Chatbots, which are programmed for specific tasks, are mostly artificial intelligence-based software that can communicate with the user verbally and in writing, answer questions and fulfill requests.
This software, which is a dialog-based interface, has taken the human-machine relationship to a new dimension with its rise in recent years. They are widely used in websites, mobile apps, and messaging software.

Alan Turing, one of the names we should mention when it comes to computer software, laid the solid foundations of artificial intelligence in the 1950s. When the calendars showed the year 1966, a piece of software called “ELIZA” entered the world of technology. Developed by Joseph Weizenbaum and intended to act as a “psychologist”, this software is believed to be the first chatbot. The fact that it can only work with the word matching method has caused it to go down in history due to the lack of technology.

Today, the use of technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning have made these chatbots virtually indistinguishable from humans. So much so that when communicating with successfully programmed chatbots, you can be sure that you are talking to a real person.

Chatbots are trained on as many subjects as needed while being programmed. In this way, the answers to possible questions that the user may ask are ready in advance. Some software may have artificial intelligence that can learn new things as you use it. One of the most used areas is e-commerce sites. Because the need for a service such as “customer service” has increased. It is an undeniable fact that chatbots, which have taken their place in areas that require frequent contact with the user, will become much more common in the future.

what is chatbot?
what is chatbot?


After examining the question “What is a chatbot?“, let’s now examine what advantages chatbots have for businesses:

Live support systems have become the choice of many companies in recent years. The importance of chatbots was once again emphasized with the coronavirus entering our lives and prompting many companies to work remotely. Chatbots provide the opportunity to chat with you like a real person. Thus, you can instantly support and satisfy your customers and increase your sales. The benefits of chatbots are not limited to these few lines. Here’s more…

Usability in common applications

Research shows that messaging apps reach more users through social media platforms. While customers communicate with companies via chat, companies can reply to several people at the same time. You do not need to create a new application with chatbots that you integrate with popular applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, save money and time.

Always customer service

Many users need support while shopping online. Chatbots can help users looking for solutions to problems they encounter while shopping. Users who have problems with registration, payment, delivery or other problems can get answers to their questions 24/7. Chatbots that automatically answer repeated questions from customers provide faster customer service.

Carrying out studies by monitoring user data

With chatbots, you can collect data about your product or service by asking your customers questions. In this way, you can improve your product or service. Companies that follow the commands given by the users to the chatbots can suggest a different or more suitable product and service.

Cost Savings

Hiring an employee for each task is both costly and time consuming. Thanks to chatbots, agencies serve many customers at the same time. Customers can also access and interact with chatbots in seconds. If you don’t already have a chatbot, you can create one with Supsis.

Increase Your Sales with Chatbot

According to the researches, it is possible to increase your sales by 40% with the chatbot you will use on your e-commerce site. One of the main reasons for this is that 9 out of 10 consumers prefer messaging when communicating with businesses.

With the advanced artificial intelligence live support application offered by Supsis, you can satisfy the customer and increase your sales percentage by answering user/customer questions.

You can provide detailed information about the product to your customers, and quickly present payment and shipping information to the user. In addition, being able to integrate your Whatsapp line and using all communication channels from a single place is one of the advanced features it offers.

In addition, thanks to the language translation feature of Supsis, even if your representatives do not know a foreign language, they can easily communicate with foreign customers and respond much faster with advanced shortcuts. You can use every feature for support such as video calls, file transfer, screen sharing with them.

In short, thanks to the Supsis live support system, you increase your sales and provide your customers with a seamless customer experience.

what is chatbot? 4 important reason
what is chatbot? 4 important reason
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