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What İs Web 3.0 ?

Have you heard of the concept of Web 3.0 before? We are sure that you have heard this concept in many places by now. What is Web 3.0? and what does it do? Do we need it? Is it very important ?

Why have the details about Web 3.0, which has been the most talked about on the internet lately or that we have seen the contents of, become such an important issue for the internet and the future of the internet? This concept, which we hear as Web 3.0, will begin to exist more and more in our lives, albeit slowly. The revolutions in the digital world continue to evolve faster day by day. But will it exist on the Internet that cannot keep up with this evolution and the Web 3.0 trend?

In order to better understand what the concept of Web 3.0 is and where the internet will go, it is useful to know a little about the previous process and the internet universe we are in right now.

İçerik Konuları

What is the Web?

The concept of the web was first introduced by Tim Burners Lee, a computer programmer at CERN, with the introduction of the text markup language called HTML, which he also led and named as WWW (World Wide Web). He could never have guessed that this concept, which is expressed as the web surrounding the world, would go this far. We saw that the web surrounding the world, then the sites connected to each other by links, encircled the world like a spider web, and this concept later became the internet.

What is web 3.0?
What is web 3.0?

What is Web 1.0?

Web 1.0 is a process from 1986 to 2005, including the times when the web was first introduced. In this process, there were not many people producing content and users could only read, that is, view and browse websites. The sites built at this time were very simple, only files such as text, music, audio and video could be shared and viewed, while users could not interact on the site and only viewed the content that the site showed them.

What is Web 2.0?

Another development of the smartphone craze, which started after 2005, also led to major changes on the web. The boring web pages in Web 1.0 and the only viewed web pages were going to get ahead of web 2.0 with other features. How did this happen? In this process, a social structure in which the user can interact with only the informational pages started to form in web 1.0. Users could now generate and publish information on the site. Web 2.0, that is, today’s Internet, has become a giant structure where large companies are established, where users can communicate with each other instantly, receive information and share information. This era, which we refer to as Web 2.0, still continues, but

Let’s come to this Web 3.0, which we have been hearing about recently:

What is Web 3.0?

What is web 3.0 ? Will the internet, which started as simple at first, evolve further and open a new era in the web with web 3.0? seriously, will web 3.0 be able to take us to the next level in this internet experience we are used to? What innovations will it bring us?

With Web 2.0, very large structures emerged and these large structures took over the internet system, created very large central structures, centralized the internet system and made the users dependent on them.

The possession of information by these centralized structures has become contrary to the Internet’s concept of freedom. The fact that users can both use their personal information in the hands of these large central structures and manage this information whenever they want, has caused the whole internet structure to become more and more dangerous day by day.

Maybe some days, hack attacks and large central systems stealing user information from social media structures such as Facebook, using them to sell user information or misuse them, were the biggest reasons that revealed the damage of the central system.

Here, web 3 aims to avoid all these central systems, to use the internet completely freely, to share only the information that the user wants, and to connect everyone with each other in an encrypted, open and free way. Can web 3.0 find a solution to all these problems from this central system established by Web 2.0 and collapse this centralization system? I think we will see this together in the future processes.

Currently, people can communicate with intermediary platforms established by big giants such as social media or gmail. In Web 3.0, this situation will be able to communicate and transfer information between two users without any intermediary application, thanks to P2P (peer-to-peer).

In addition, there are great developments in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are among the features of web 3, among these, the establishment of bot systems now allows the user to quickly solve their problems with the help of the bot, even without any of them. Blockchain and Metaverse concepts, which we have been hearing more and more in recent years, have started to establish many structures in this field against security and centrality problems. This process, which started with NFT, cryptocurrencies, dApps, aims to solve these problems of web 2.0.

Web 3.0 The New Age of the Internet

However, web 3 has not been able to reach this goal yet, it has to go a long way. In addition, cybercrime, bullying and hate speech may increase due to privacy, which is the basis of decentralization, which is the biggest goal of web 3, and it will become much more difficult to find such illegal activities.

Do you think web 2.0 will be able to take over web 2.0, which is used and interacted with by everyone who has taken over the entire internet system, just like web 2.0 crashes web 1.0 and suddenly takes a place in our lives?

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