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Team Interview System

Chat one-on-one, create groups, send messages and files, manage access to business conversations in Supsis team chats.

Team Interview

In Supsis Team, we can easily share documents and information with the ability to send messages and files. This allows project documentation, presentations, images or other important material to be quickly shared with our team. This way, everyone can collaborate better on projects with access to up-to-date and accurate information.

Boost Teamwork with Supsis Messaging & File Sharing


Instant Communication Convenience

Supsis Team enables you to have instant communication with your team. The messaging feature allows team members to quickly ask questions and receive immediate responses. This is a significant advantage in urgent situations and when quick decisions are required.

Effortless Sharing of Project Documents

you can easily share project documents and files through Supsis. You can centrally store these documents, ensuring that your team has access to the information they need at all times. This fosters organized and efficient project management.

Visual Communication Capability

Enhance your ability to convey ideas by sharing images, graphics, and other visual materials. Sharing visual assets during collaboration makes complex topics more understandable and encourages creative thinking.

Strengthen Collaboration

The messaging and file-sharing feature enhances collaboration among team members. Everyone stays on the same page, communication is strengthened, and project progress becomes faster and more efficient.

Boost Productivity

Speeding up information sharing helps expedite tasks and projects. Team members receive quicker responses, have easier access to documents, and as a result, projects are executed more efficiently.

Documentation and Information Storage

Supsis allows you to store important information and documentation in a centralized repository. This enables your team to quickly access essential resources and prevents the loss of critical data.

Supsis becomes the foundation of business communication

Manage access rights

Unlimited group creation

Notification settings

GIF and emojis

Don’t rely on classic messaging apps

Using traditional messaging apps for team chat can jeopardize your business. These apps usually keep chat messages and files on employees’ devices forever. Supsis takes a different approach. Keeps employee access rights under company control by storing all chats on secure servers. Job leavers and lost phones are no longer a threat

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