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Full Speed Support with Ready Content: The Power of Content, Discover Quickly!

Supsis Ready Contents & Shortcuts

To enhance customer satisfaction and streamline your support processes, we offer an advanced feature: Ready Content Shortcuts. This feature allows live support representatives to become a significant aid in the support process by assigning shortcuts to keys like ALT, TAB, #, and more.


Ready Contents


Time Savings

Shortcuts assigned to ready content enable support representatives to resolve issues faster and provide quicker responses to customers.

Smoother and Consistent Responses

Shortcuts help ensure consistent and accurate responses to customers, preventing spelling errors and misinformation.

Facilitates Training

Speeds up the training process for new support representatives and enhances their ability to respond to complex queries.

Customer Satisfaction and Meeting Expectations

Swift and accurate responses boost customer satisfaction and meet their expectations.

Reduced Stress and Error Risk

Reduces stressful moments and minimizes the risk of errors, providing a more professional support experience.

Multilingual Support

If you serve international customers, shortcuts enable you to provide fast responses in different languages.

You can create ready-made content for your transactions, you can fill out the forms on the system with one click.

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With ready-made content, a representative can talk to up to 20 people at the same time, which means you save both time and money.
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