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Live Support System and Chatbot System

The live support system and chatbot system are also an important issue to be considered in startups and small businesses. And it is a service area that definitely needs to be invested. So, why are live support systems and chatbot systems so important in startups and small businesses?

Using the live chat system provides many advantages to small businesses and startups, as well as many advantages and conveniences for large businesses.

İçerik Konuları

Communication with customers becomes easier and faster

By tracking your customers who are browsing your site at that moment, you can control where they are connecting from and how long they have been browsing on which page, moment by moment. You can chat with them quickly and easily about the problems and questions they have. In addition, thanks to the chatbot system, you can quickly resolve customer-oriented problems by easing your workload. Since you are a startup, you will not have a large support team, so you can stay in touch with your customers wherever you are through the live support system and mobile applications offered by the chatbot system.

It Allows You To Present Your Products In The Global Market

One of the difficulties of the globalizing world is the difficulty of competition conditions. As a startup, your product will be global and your opportunities are limited, so you have to present your product all over the world without incurring extra personnel and costs. Thanks to the Supsis Live support system and chatbot system, you can provide your product with the automatic language translator feature provided by these systems.

No matter where your customer is in the world, your representative will write in their mother tongue and your customer will write in their mother tongue, and the dialogue will continue with the automatic translation provided by this system and there will be no problems. In this way, in the global world, you will have removed all obstacles to establishing global goals.

Provides Confidence

It will be quite normal as a startup to experience awareness and trust problems during the first market entry. While presenting your products and services in the digital environment, do people look foreign and trustworthy because they do not know you? they will ask the question. But when you use the live support system and chatbot system on your system, this trust problem will be minimized.

People will feel safe on a platform where they can find you instantly.

Thanks to the chatbot system and live support system, customers will be able to instantly connect to you for all kinds of problems experienced during the purchase and post-purchase stages. This will enable you to keep your customer satisfaction at the highest level and will play the most important role in creating loyal customer bases.

Live Support System and Chatbot System
Live Support System and Chatbot System

Supports Repeat Purchases by Building Existing Customer Audiences

As we mentioned in the previous title, creating loyal customer bases will increase your next purchases. The more you keep your customers’ satisfaction at a high level, the more they will want to buy shopping and services on platforms where they feel safe. Thanks to the live support system and chatbot system, you can create your own customer groups and realize new marketing trends for your next customers. In this way, your company will accelerate rapidly and your brand awareness will increase because you are smooth at the point of trust.

Best Practice for Free Marketing

The live support system and the chatbot system will offer you marketing opportunities, especially as a startup, with low or free costs. Thanks to the smart triggers provided by these systems, you can open special triggers for the pages of your customers and provide them with quick and easy assistance in their purchases. In addition, thanks to the chatbot system, you can respond automatically in the pre- and post-purchase services and solve the transactions quickly.

Of course, the Supsis live support system allows you to create a chat bot in different languages ​​by thinking globally and to provide 24/7 uninterrupted service to your customers. When you create various discounts and campaigns for your customers, you can provide information in a short time with the mail and sms services provided by these systems. At the same time, you can announce these campaigns and discounts to your customers free of charge from your live support system area. This will offer you an extra and free marketing option.

Brings New Dimensions to Your Business by Receiving Feedback and Evaluations

At the end of the chatbot chats you have created with your customers and the chats with the real live support representative, you can ask them to indicate how satisfied they are with you by presenting evaluation surveys, notification and feedback forms. This will demonstrate how both you and your team deliver quality and top-notch work in their work.

According to the scores you receive out of 5 stars, which will be created by applying a starring system in evaluation and feedback, “how can I make yourself and your company better?”, “where am I missing?” It will help you improve with questions such as: As a startup, it will take you to good places at this point.

Live Support System and Chatbot System “Supsis” Provides You These Opportunities

Supsis communication solutions, which are a live support system and a chatbot system, offer you many features in addition to the features we have mentioned above. In this system, which you can integrate into your system free of charge, there are additional features such as video calls, whatsapp integration and social media integration, file sending, screen sharing, visitor tracking, ready answers, instant access via mobile application, calls between representatives and detailed reporting. This system, which you can use free of charge, provides startups with special discounts and campaigns. You can take the first step in taking your business and your company to the highest level by contacting us right away.

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