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Live Support and Chatbot System

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Some of those who choose us… Would you like to join us too?

A World Without Borders in Communication: What Can You Do with Supsis? 🚀💬

Join us to discover these and many other features with Supsis. There is nothing you cannot do regarding communication at Supsis. Move your business forward with Supsis by trying it for free now.

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Unlimited in Bulk Message Sending!

Thanks to Supsis, you can increase interaction with your customers by sending unlimited bulk messages via WhatsApp Business API.

The Magic Touch in Team Communication! 

In the Supsis panel, you can immediately hold team meetings with representatives without any other application. Don’t miss this magic tool to increase collaboration! How much do you think this feature adds color to communication?✨💬

Fast and Effective SMS Sending!

You can instantly send SMS to customers from the Chat screen and Chatbot. You can also verify OTP via SMS. Don’t you think this feature would make your job easier?

Instant Visitor Tracking and Chat!

Supsis has the opportunity to instantly see everyone who visits your website and communicate with them immediately! You will always be connected with instant interaction with your customers. Don’t you think this feature will increase your communication with your customers?

Flexible Payment System!

Customers can cancel packages on any day they want, keeping control without wasting their monthly fees. Moreover, with discounts of up to 20% on annual purchases, gaining financial advantages has never been easier!

Multiple Multi WhatsApp Lines:

Grow your business! Reach a wide audience with customers by integrating multiple WhatsApp lines with Supsis. If you wish, you can use it with chatbots by integrating both your API and normal WhatsApp lines together.

Possibility to Manage All Transactions from a Single Panel:

By managing messages from all your customers from a single panel, you can get rid of unnecessary workload and save your time and money! To our panel; By integrating your social media accounts, WhatsApp accounts and websites, you can easily manage all your messaging from a single panel.

Automatic Language Translation System:

Our artificial intelligence-supported translation system automatically detects which language your customer speaks. Supsis automatically translates what you and your customer write. It is now very easy to become a global brand thanks to the automatic language translation system.

Easy Integration and User-Friendly Interface:

Supsis is very easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface. With the easy integration feature offered by Supsis to your panel; You can manage all your chats from a single panel by easily integrating your social media accounts, WhatsApp accounts and websites!

Representative-Specific Panel and Reporting Screens:

Our reporting feature provides you with an output by automatically creating work efficiency reports of your representatives and departments. You can also perform platform filtering. In this way, you can see how efficiently your employees work with graphs with our detailed report feature!

Our 24/7 Online Customer Support Team:

In order to provide you with a better user experience, you can reach our representatives who are active 24/7 and get support at any time of the day when you have problems or do not understand.

Chatbot Integration:

Chatbot can help your brand gain new customers by increasing customer satisfaction. Our chatbot structures, which provide fast and precise answers, will greatly ease your communication burden and increase your customer satisfaction and brand recognition.

Supsis Live Support and Chatbot System is the Best Customer Relations Platform


Live Support

By easily integrating all your communication channels into Supsis, you can see and reply to all incoming messages on a single panel. Thanks to the ready-made content and chatbot we offer you, you can increase your customer conversion rate and customer satisfaction, allowing your brand to grow.

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Chatbot System

Thanks to our chatbot system, no more hiring live support staff! The chatbot system offered by Supsis eliminates the manpower in the customer support department by providing instant, pinpoint answers to your customers’ questions and needs. In this way, your customer satisfaction increases and you save time and money!

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Thanks to the content we offer you, you can increase your customer response rate and make support processes faster and more efficient. With a single click, you can send the messages you have added to ready-made content, classify your customers with tags and get back to your targeted customer groups precisely.

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Visitor Tracking System

Supsis records all your customers who visit your website, processes their data and creates an output for you. In this way, you can get more detailed information about your customers and improve your service accordingly. You can also increase the loyalty of existing customers and convert your visitors into customers!

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WhatsApp Integration

By integrating your WhatsApp account with Supsis, you can manage all your messages and send bulk messages. By activating the Chatbot in the mass messages you send, you can easily increase your sales by communicating with your customers without any workload. Thanks to Supsis, you can not only send bulk messages but also communicate with all your customers without any hassle!

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Social Media Integrations

By easily integrating your social media channels into our panel, you can easily manage all your social media accounts with the help of chatbot, without the need for customer support personnel.

About Telegram Integration

About Instagram Integration


Maximize Your Customer Service!

How can I increase my customer relations?

Supsis creates an environment where its users can establish uninterrupted and high-level communication with their customers with the unique system it offers.


Increased Service Quality


Decrease in Abandoned Customers

Intelligent Chatbots

Keep Your Business Safe

Store your personal data and information on Supsis, not with your representatives. Supsis goes beyond protecting your business against all kinds of threats. Maintain full control of your data, customer information and business processes with our strong security infrastructure and smart analytics tools. React immediately to threats and take firm steps towards a peaceful future by keeping your business safe. Keep security at hand with Supsis and get ready for a successful business adventure!

Chatbot Teknoloji

Lighten Your Workload

Move the conversations in all your communication channels to Supsis’s panel and reach your customers from a single panel. Multi-manage your social media such as Whatsapp, website, Telegram and Instagram!

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Make Your Team Productive

It’s time to keep up with developing technology and increase your competitive advantage! Create a more productive, more interactive and more motivating work atmosphere for your team with the innovative solutions offered by Supsis. Our industry-leading tools are here to maximize your team’s potential. Take a stronger step into the future by taking your team one step further with Supsis.

Customer Loyalty is the Cornerstone of a Company’s Success

How can I increase the success of my company?

Customer loyalty is a critical success factor for any business. Responding to your customers’ needs quickly and effectively is the key to increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. Achieving these goals becomes easier and more efficient with the Supsis Chatbot system.

Supsis works 24/7, ensuring that no request from all platforms is left unanswered. Even if you cannot answer, Supsis Chatbot answers every question instantly.

Supsis’ advanced live support features come into play as soon as your customers visit your website. The ability to translate in any language eliminates the language barrier. Converting visitors into customers is now much easier thanks to features like video calling and other advanced capabilities.

Considering customer reviews and feedback, why not try Supsis? Discover this new way to increase customer satisfaction and earn their loyalty.

With Live Support and Chatbot

The Only Limit is Your Imagination!

What can be done with Live Support and Chatbot?

Manage your business communications across every channel with a Chatbot: WhatsApp, Telegram, your website, mobile app and more. There’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish with the power of ChatGPT.

Reach the world with chatbots that can work in any language. The dynamic chatbot structure allows you to customize it as you wish using the drag and drop method. You can also make the chatbot even more dynamic by integrating it into your own systems.

Chatbots never make mistakes, never get tired, and never lose their cool. They offer a more cost-effective and scalable solution than human agents.

Affiliate Marketing

Dramatically increase your customer conversion rate!

  • Intuitive customer analytics
  • Ad conversion tracking
  • Sales/marketing automation
Grow Your Business
Grow Your Business
Grow Your Business
Grow Your Business
Grow Your Business
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Thoughts of some of our customers

Supsis has provided great convenience for members of the Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce to communicate their needs and requests to us. Through the chatbot, our members can identify their needs and get directed to the relevant departments without any waiting. With Supsis, we can manage our member relationships effectively.

Demirhan AktaşKocaeli Chamber of Commerce

Thanks to the video call feature, I can communicate with my customers directly on my website without having to go to Zoom or alternative platforms. Instead of organizing a meeting for later, I can instantly start a voice and video conversation without any downloads. Our customers appreciate the service we provide, and I am grateful to Supsis for the trust they place in us and the positive impact it has on our sales

Kübra Yurt - Operations ManagerTeknik Tente

Thanks to Supsis' team meeting feature, we minimized internal confusion within the team. We have direct access to past conversations, meetings, organizational details and all notes.

Thank you, Supsis!

Umut Köktürk - FounderRabbit

Hello, good day! We are extremely satisfied with Supsis. Thanks to the real-time customer tracking feature, we have been able to quickly respond to inquiries from customers visiting our website, which has increased customer satisfaction and led to extra sales success. We were surprised to discover how many customers visit our website daily, and we owe our success to your contribution. Thank you!

Didem Bekar - Administrative SupervisorZagacell

On behalf of our company, we want to extend our gratitude to you. We are pleased with the instant assistance you provide to our customers using the live support plugin. Thanks to Supsis' fast and effective live support service, we have been able to increase customer satisfaction. Our communication has been efficient, and working with an expert team like yours has helped us improve our business processes. We sincerely thank you for your excellent service and contributions. We want you to know that we will be delighted to continue working with Supsis in our future projects. Wishing you continued success in your endeavors.

Yiğit KarakayaKRK GLOBAL

Thanks to Supsis' automatic language translation, our workflow has improved significantly. We no longer experience translation issues and have access to all reports in our native language. The Supsis team always provides solutions tailored to our needs whenever we require them. Thank you, Supsis!

Cihan CanpolatMetadiag Information Automotive Technologies

The WhatsApp integration feature has had a significant positive impact in streamlining our business processes. With access via a single panel, we now use a single Whatsapp line for 15 representatives. This makes it easier for our staff to keep track of customer communications.

Thank you, Supsis Team!

Özge DemirtaşEra Electronics
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supsis?

Supsis is a job management and tracking software. It helps businesses manage their projects, customers, employees and invoices. Supsis offers a range of functionalities such as project management, task assignment and tracking, employee tracking, invoice creation, customer management and business reports. Supsis allows businesses to increase efficiency and manage their business more easily. It also stands out with its user-friendly interface and ease of use. It is a cloud-based software that can be customized according to the needs of businesses and can be used by businesses in different sectors.

What are the Features of Supsis?

The main features of our application include Live Chat, Visitor Tracking, Ready-made Content, Forbidden Words, Automatic Language Translation, Person-Based Reporting, Video and Voice Call, 24/7 Chatbot, Chat Bubble Customization, File Transfer, Communication. Between Agents, Screen Sharing and much more.

How Can I Integrate Supsis Live Support Service?

Sounds great! Supsis integration is a really simple process. You can easily complete the integration process by adding our integration code to your website.

Supsis Live Support