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Chatbot and Live Support System Free

Is Supsis live support system free? Supsis Live Support System is a project of Softcand Software Services that allows you to answer incoming calls via communication channels and social media platforms in a single application.

Supsis Live Support System was implemented as a project in 2015 and was included in the sector in 2020 as a result of the R&D studies. With its paid and free package options, Supsis offers you the easiest way to communicate with your customers.

The Supsis free package is just as useful as their paid package. So what is included in the free package?

Visitor tracking

Live chat and notifications
Automatic language translation
File transfer and screen sharing
Chat bubble customization
Video and voice call
Archive facility
Detailed reporting
Stock content
Inter-agent communication
Let us explain these features for you below;

İçerik Konuları

Visitor Tracking

Thanks to the visitor tracking feature, you can determine which pages your visitors visit at that moment, how long they stay on the pages. So you can understand which of your product or service attracts the most attention. The reports you make as a result of your follow-ups will be the results to increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

Live Chat and Notifications

Thanks to the live chat facility, you can easily respond to your visitors who want to communicate. The trust you provide to your customers by being accessible will give your business a positive feedback. During the chat, you can see your user’s ‘writing’ phrase, follow the chat, send the necessary files, and use emojis.

You can do all these transactions without making your customers wait, thanks to notifications. You can provide instant service thanks to desktop and browser notifications, mobile notifications, e-mail and sms notifications.


Would you like to have a staff that you can do your work without mistakes in all areas such as order, product information, cargo, reservation, support?

With chatbot integration on live support, whatsapp and social media, you can automatically do all your flow and work, and provide 24/7 support and service.

A Chatbot That Solves Real Problems

What Does A Chatbot Do?

Chatbot and Live Support System Free
Chatbot and Live Support System Free

Automatic Language Translation

One of the most beautiful aspects of e-commerce is that it makes distances surmountable. In order to communicate with your customers visiting your site from all over the world, more than one foreign language is a must. Here, the automatic language translation feature of Supsis comes into play. You don’t have to learn every language because Supsis will always be there to help you.

File Transfer and Screen Sharing

Supsis has a powerful system where you can meet the instant problems of your visitors. Supsis provides the opportunity to send files, pictures and sound recordings related to the problem your customer wants help with. When you are faced with an unsolvable and complex problem, you can easily solve the problems by connecting to your customer’s screen.

Chat Bubble Customization

Thanks to the chat bubble customization facility, you can have chat bubbles as you wish. You can make the chat bubble look compatible with your website, turn it into the color you want, use the image you want, and add text to the chat bubbles if you wish. You can position the chat bubble on any section of your website.

Video and Voice Call

Showing your customers that you are reachable through audio and video is a big plus for your business. Your customer will have more confidence in your business by making sure that you will take care of their smallest problem. Thanks to the video and audio call feature, you can organize online meetings and respond to your customers’ requests.

Detailed Reporting

Reports and analyzes are extremely important for the future status of your business. As a result of the analysis, you can follow your monthly and annual goals and guide your business accordingly. It will be much more efficient for you to collect all these reports under headings such as person reports, representative work reports, detailed visitor information.

Canned Messages

With ready-made content, you can provide convenience to your customer representatives. Thanks to the added topics, system messages and canned messages, you can get back to your customers in a short time. Thanks to ready-made content, you can reduce your workload and get maximum profit with minimum effort.

Communication Between Representatives

You do not need to use an application other than Supsis for your business representatives. Thanks to this feature, your staff can easily communicate with each other, share their work, get support from their colleagues in places where they cannot reach, and share necessary files and attachments with each other.

All these features are available in the free package of Supsis. Paid packages are available in two different forms, Professional and Premium. Premium packages offer more extensive features than Professional packages.

In addition to the free package content, the professional package includes an advanced dynamic Chatbot feature. Chatbot is an artificial intelligence-based live support representative. It offers your customers a live customer service experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can help your customers with their problems thanks to the chatbot outside of your working hours.

Premium package content, on the other hand, offers “Smart Triggers”, “Software Support” and “Social Media Integrations” in addition to free and professional package contents.

Smart Triggers

Thanks to smart triggers, you can send automatic chat bubbles to your visitors browsing your website. You can ask if he needs help, you can give news about your periodical campaigns and more. Thanks to smart triggers, your visitors feel like they are visiting a traditional store and they trust your business more.

Social Media Integrations

Thanks to this feature of Supsis, you can integrate your social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger into the system. In this way, you can manage all your communication channels through a single platform.

With all these features in its paid and free options, Supsis is always with you and your business. If you want to take your business even further, take advantage of Supsis Live Support Systems.

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