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How to sell on instagram?

How to sell on Instagram? Welcome to our article about Instagram store and sales techniques. With the widespread use of the Internet, everyone now has a social media account. Everyone, young or old, male or female, has an account on a platform.

Social media makes it easier for people to follow the news, speeds up the communication network and entertains. In addition to all these, most of the business is now done through social media platforms.

While some of these social media platforms make money by producing content, others carry their e-commerce companies to these channels. Thanks to the convenience provided by social media on the basis of the target audience, doing business becomes much easier.

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Sales on Instagram

Today, we will give you some tips on how an e-commerce business can set up a store, advertise, make sales on Instagram, which is one of the most used applications of social media platforms.

Instagram is a medium that we have all been immersed in for a long time. Instagram, which allowed only photo and video sharing in the first days of its life, is updated with new features every day.

On the site where only photos and videos were shared in the beginning, 24-hour stories can now be shared, longer-term video sharing called reels can be made, live broadcasts can be made, and stores can be opened and sales can be made.

Social media is an invaluable boon for the growth of e-commerce companies. Almost all Instagram users follow at least 1 business. For this reason, it is much easier for businesses that open stores using InstaShop to reach their target audience.

If you have decided to open a store on Instagram and do not know how to do it, this article will help you.

Examine your competitors

As in any industry, the first thing you should do when you start trading on Instagram is to examine your competitors. In order to easily understand a market, it is necessary to observe the businesses that are already doing business in the market. For this reason, you need to examine your competitors in order to perceive the market and set goals by creating your plans and programs.

Open a business account with your brand name

In order to make your sales, you must first open a business account. So how to open a business account:

First, create a regular profile with your brand name.
Click on the 3 dots on your profile.
Go to Settings and click on account settings.
Click on “Switch to professional account”. After that, you need to integrate your Instagram account and Facebook accounts.

After you open your business account, here’s what you need to do:

Upload a profile photo with your business logo or brand name.
In the bio section, write a clear article describing your business briefly.
If you have a website, add the website address to your account.
After all, all you need to do is to make your account suitable for your business with interesting visuals and product promotions.

How to sell on instagram?
How to sell on instagram?

Take the step to introduce yourself

You can introduce yourself in many ways on Instagram. You can advertise through influencers, advertise through Instagram Ads, use hashtags, and promote yourself by exploring.

How can you explore Instagram?

Your content should be of high quality, in a way that engages your target audience.
Photos of your products should be understandable.
Descriptions of your posts should be clear and accurate.
The correct hashtags for the product in your post should be used.
Posting should be done on your account at regular intervals.
You should make sure that the shares you make are saveable shares.

Pay attention to reals shares.
Advertising through Instagram Ads is quite easy. You must select your target audience and budget by entering the promotions section of your Instagram profile. When you complete these processes, the advertising promotions of your account will start.

These steps were the much more social parts of the job. In order to sell on social media, you have to follow a few rules set by the state.

In order to sell on Instagram, you must first establish a company. Because you have to issue an invoice for every product you sell. Regardless of whether it is a sole proprietorship, joint stock company or limited liability company, you should establish a company and then start selling on Instagram.

After you set up your company and file your bills, you must also pay your taxes. There is also a tax deduction on sales made through Instagram.

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