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File and Screen

Sharing System

Make your transactions more solvable in both support issues and sales and follow-up issues by transferring files and sharing screens.

What can be done?

Audio Recording

SUPSIS allows users to easily send audio recordings. Users can send their recorded audio files to other users via SUPSIS. This feature is very useful, for example, to share your notes, share a recording of a speech or presentation, or send an audio message. Users can share their voice recordings quickly and securely over SUPSIS and make communication more effective.

File Transfer

SUPSIS allows users to easily share files. Whether it’s a document, image, video or any file, users can share files with other users through SUPSIS. This makes it easy to share files quickly and securely, especially in collaborative projects.

Screen sharing

SUPSIS offers users the ability to share their screen. This feature is very useful in situations such as distance learning, presentations, technical support or project collaboration. By sharing their screen with other users through SUPSIS, users can share visual content in real time and have an interactive experience.

Location Sharing

SUPSIS allows users to share their location instantly. This feature is particularly useful for identifying meeting points or meeting places. Users can share their location via SUPSIS, allowing other users to easily find themselves and act on their plans.


SUPSIS: Intelligent Platform Empowering Communication and Collaboration!

  • Fast and Effective Communication
  • Increasing Collaboration
  • Location Based Planning
  • Efficient Information Sharing
  • Facilitating Remote Communication

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