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With Whatsapp integration, you will be able to keep all your conversations, records and reports through a single panel and mobile application.

All Access from One Panel

Unlike a normal application, Whatsapp integrated into Supsis allows all your employees to work over a single phone number, quickly solve customer problems and fully benefit from the functions of Supsis.
whatsapp integration

How Do I Integrate?​ ​

The Whatsapp integrated system, which is very easy to use, will create many privileges for you in the field of sales and support.

All messages from WhatsApp appear in Supsis and are automatically distributed among agents. All messages are sent with the names of representatives speaking by Supsis, not from the employee’s phone. If your agent leaves you, they will not be able to access these messages.

With the Whatsapp integration, you will prevent workload, cost and time losses and you will be able to perform orders, supports, reservations and services much faster.

Thanks to our mobile application, your Whatsapp line will be able to be used even without your representative, and it will be able to use all functional statuses.

In addition, if you wish, Chatbot will take care of all your work if it works integrated with our Chatbot system. This will provide you with extra time, money and a small margin of error.

Our developments are continuing in line with your demands, you can let us know the areas you think and see as insufficient, and let us evaluate them.

Supsis is always with you!

Click on the Whatsapp icon from the “Menu” area of ​​the Supsis live support panel.

After clicking the Whatsapp icon, read the QR code on the page that opens, from the Whatsapp account you want to integrate.

All your incoming chats appear in the Chat section in the “Menu” area of ​​the Supsis live support panel, both your Whatsapp and Live support calls will be in the same area, there will be a Whatsapp icon next to your Whatsapp calls for clarity.

Yes, more than one of your representatives can use the Whatsapp account you have integrated, send canned answers and content, and start a conversation from scratch.

Best Price Whatsapp Integration Only in Supsis

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