Visitor Tracking

Turn your website visitors into customers!

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Instant Visitor Tracking

With the visitor tracking feature, you can track which page your visitors visit, how long they stay, and which page they are most interested in.

This feature will help you improve your sales and customer satisfaction. By making the operation and sales plans according to these reports, you will get more accurate results with more accurate focus.

In addition, thanks to smart triggers, you can assign special triggers for your special visitors to each page and send them chat bubbles.

Why Important?

The most important way to include potential customers that you have collected on your website with intense efforts and expenditures among your existing customers is through visitor tracking. As a result of good follow-up and analysis, you can see the pages they browse and the time they spend, and you can direct your business plan accordingly.You can also initiate conversations with your instant visitors, direct them to purchase products and services, and answer their questions.

All these features are completely free with Supsis!

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Empower with Smart Triggers

By using smart triggers, you can create special chat bubbles for your instant visitors according to the pages they are browsing, according to the hours and products. This will support the communication gap between you and your customer and increase your sales rate to your customers.

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