With Smart Triggers

increase your returns

The BEST Way to Engage Your Visitors in Conversations

With triggers, you can send automated chat bubbles to your site visitors and ask them if they need help or something.

Bubble texts specific to the pages they browse
With many rules such as good morning and good evening messages according to the hours, you can make them feel special and always with them.

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Automatically Display Your Messages According to Visitor's Language

Make your visitors feel special with many rules such as according to the page you want, according to the language of your visitor, according to certain days of the week, according to certain times of the day.

How Do I Activate Smart Triggers?

Panel homepage

Press the "Smart Triggers" button from the left menu.

Adding New Trigger

On the page that opens, click the "Add new trigger" button.

Special Occasions, Messages

On the page that opens, add and update messages, conditions according to you and your situations.

activate the button

Activate the Trigger button, which is inactive at the top. This much!

Automatic messages in any language

Smart triggers will automatically detect the language of your visitor and automatically output the messages you specify according to special situations.

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If Trigger Options Don't Meet Your Needs, Let Us Know and We'll Create New Trigger Options for You!