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With Supsis

Would you like to have detailed information about both your system and your personnel?

What reports does Supsis offer you?
Representative working hours
It records all the movements of your staff during the day.

You can follow up to the page refresh movements he made.
You can have many reports such as the number of calls,
tickets and chats coming to your system, their analysis by days, the density map during the day, the distribution rates to your personnel.

There are more than one performance measurement such as how long it takes your staff to talk to their customers on average, how many seconds they respond, and the customer retention rate.

How many times did he take a break?, how many minutes did he take a break?, at what times did he take a break? Would you like to be informed about all of them?

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Supsis Chatbot

You can get comments and ratings from your customers about your representatives and staff with automated interactions and surveys. You can access detailed reports and analyzes on these in Supsis with a one click.

You need a new report, no problem. These reports will be developed for you in a short time by our expert software team and will be updated to your system in a short time.

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