Creating a Free Supsis Account

By trying Supsis today, you can manage all your communication channels on a single platform and expand your business by accelerating your support and sales processes.

The process of creating a Supsis account is very easy. On the homepage located in “Try for Free”  or “Demo” You can reach our registration page by clicking the button. After filling your information on our registration page "Send" You can create your account by clicking the button.

Then, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you entered while registering. You need to confirm by entering the content of the mail. “Verify” By pressing the button, you will proceed to the installation phase.

After transitioning to the verification process, you will be greeted with a 5-step setup area.

Step 1 : Website address – Preferred language – Name – Organization or Company name

By entering this information “Next Step” You have to click the button.

Step 2: Theme settings – Customize your Chat Bubble Color – Text to Text – Text Colors according to your preference and then repeat “Next Step” You have to click the button.

Step 3:You can set your representatives' working hours from this area. After that “Next Step” You have to click the button.

Step 4: It consists of a step that previews how the Live Support service area will look in Desktop, Tablet and Mobile areas. “Next Step” You have to click the button.

Step 5 In the last step, you will be greeted with the monitoring code and test screen that you will integrate. You can use this integration code on any page where you want to enable SUPSIS Live chat. </body> Paste it in accordance with the area just before the end of the label. Then in the right area where your website name is written. "Check it" Control it with the button. Next “Complete Quick Install” Finish the installation process with the button. You will be greeted by the password reset screen. From this field, determine the password to login to the Supsis panel and press the "Change Password" button. Do not hesitate to contact us at our Live Support area or at in any area you are stuck or have problems with.


By creating new users for your team members, you can enable your entire team to manage your support and sales processes on Supsis. With Supsis' modular authorization system, you can create different authorization groups and ensure that your teams with different functions use only the relevant Infoset modules.

You can follow the steps below to create a delegate:

1- First of all, it will be beneficial for you to open the notifications on the panel. All incoming active conversations instant notification You will start to take shape.

2- From the Panel Menu "Users" By entering the tab "New User" you have to press the button. The user you will create in the mini window that opens Name, Email, Password, Role, Language, Department, Auto chat assignment limit Fill in properties like "Save" you have to click.

In this way, users are created by limiting their competencies according to your team and departments. For each user group according to your team's permissions role and department It will be beneficial for you to create a system, it will be beneficial for you in areas such as general reporting and inability to interfere with authorized transactions.

You can contact us from the Live Support area or in any area where you are stuck or having problems. You can contact at.

Chatbot Installation and Settings

To create a Chatbot, you need to click on Chatbot from the left menu area after logging into the Supsis panel. The chatbot creation screen will appear. You should start the chatbot creation process by clicking the "Start Design" button. And right next to the left menu, you should activate the "Chatbot" Tick.


chatbot oluşturma

First, you will see a button called "Welcome". This is the main menu of your chatbot. You need to add all the chatbot paths you will add under this. Click the “Welcome” button once. A side menu titled Welcome will open. Here, instead of adding keywords, let's add letters and words such as hello, hello, sel, s, and enter definitions for the artificial intelligence system to automatically activate the chatbot. From here, we can add content such as Text, Image, Ticket, Go to the Menu step, Link. Here is a scratch message “Welcome How Can I Help You?” Let's add text in the form of a text, you should press the +Text tab and write the message you want to write in the incoming text box. Then you have to press the “Update” button.

After the first step, the "Welcome" button hover over and just below “+” Press the sign. Here it will offer us 3 options to add Content step, Form step or Menu step. Let's add the Menu name.

Then just below the Welcome step “Untitled Menu” A menu item will appear. You should open the side setting and content entry tab again by clicking on it.

In this field, if we want to create the Menu title name, for example, a support step related to the account transactions of your customer or member; Let's change it to "Account Transactions". In the options area, let's click on "Menu 1" and "Menu 2" to "Can't Login to My Account" and the other one to "Forgot Password". Then just below “Add New Button” Let's create another menu by clicking on the option and click on it and make it "I want to become a member". At this stage, if you still want your customer to connect to the live support area and activate the process of meeting with your representative, you need to tick the "Return to Previous Step" boxes if you want the "Transfer to Representative" above to return to the next step. Then, click the “Update” button to return to the Chatbot screen. You can edit it here by making changes according to your own website, operation and system.

Chatbot On the creation screen, the steps we have added will welcome us. First of all, you need to hover over the "I can't log in to my account" step and add a step that you want to direct your customer to in this field with the "+" sign. Let's create a menu by adding the Menu Name again. Under the I cannot login to my account step, another menu will appear in the form of Untitled Menu. Let's edit it by clicking on the Untitled menu.

Let's edit the content of the newly created menu step so that we can direct it. After editing the menu title and the menu entry message, let's edit the name of the first menu 1 as "I'm getting an incorrect password", and the name of menu 2 as "I'm getting an unregistered mail error". Let's check the "Transfer to Representative" and "Return to the Previous Step" boxes and click the "Update" button to return to the Chatbot creation screen.

Afterwards, click on the "I'm Getting an Incorrect Password Warning" step and add that step where you want to direct your customer here. Let's hover over it and click the "+" sign, then select the "Content Name" and create the content step. An Untitled content step will appear just below. Click on it to fill the content. Let's enter the step title as Password Reset Link. It will be beneficial for you to send the customer to the Password reset area on your site. For this, let's create a link content by clicking the "+Link" tab. We can write the text we want the link to look like in the link content. Let's write a text like "You can reset your password here". Let's paste the link to the box below. For example, here we enter a link like "".

You must enter the password reset field link on your own site. If you check the "End Talking" box above, the step will end here. If you do not tick it, the chatbot will remain in orange on the creation screen and the automated system will transfer the customer to the representative. With the "Update" button, we return to the Chatbot creation screen. Then, we add a menu asking if there is anything else I can help with and ask the customer with the Chatbot at this step.

Then, after editing this question menu, we click on it for "No, there is no" in the menu step we created, create the +Content form, enter the untitled content form, tick the End conversation box and return to the Chatbot creation screen. By clicking on the Transfer to Representative option, we direct our customer to the option to contact the representative here. We write the name of menu 2 as “Back to the main menu” or “Back to the top” in the Is there any other topic I can help menu that I created afterward. And click the "Back to top" tab and say +Add content. Here, we will redirect to the beginning by using the +Go option. We return to the Chatbot creation screen by selecting "Welcome" from the step selection field and saying "Update".

Another one like this one from the first Welcome menu, for example: At what stage is my order? Where is my cargo? Let's create another menu like For this, let's click on Welcome, which is the first step. Let's create a "menu name" with the "+" option. In the resulting untitled menu, the menu 1 step is the step of the menu where we create our account transactions. Let's update its name to "Account Transactions". After that, the name of menu 2 "Sipariş işlemleri Let's create one more menu with the "+" option by clicking on it. and let's do the ordering of his name. Let's edit the menu and steps we created by clicking on it by entering the contents. Let's return to the chatbot creation page by saying "Update".

Where Is My Cargo We Created? Let's create the content step with the "+" option by clicking on the step. Let's click on the Untitled Content Step that occurs here, and enter the information of the stage to which we will direct our customer. Let's add text by saying +Add text, and the content will be "After you create your order, you can track it with the cargo tracking number sent to you by SMS and Mail, on the website of the Cargo company or from the Cargo Tracking area on our site." Let's write it and then add a te link + With the link option. Let's enter the text and link to which we will link from here. Then, click on the end conversation option and return to the chatbot creation page with the "update" tab.

In order to test the chatbot settings we have made ourselves, let's click on the button with the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the main page of the Supsis panel, and click on "Visitor Screen" in the menu that opens. Here you will be greeted by a page that no one can see but you and contains the integration code of the Supsis live support system. You don't need to worry when you see this code. There are no malfunctions or problems. You can test the settings you have made in the visitor screen page area as you wish.
If you want to deactivate the chatbot system, as we did in the first stages, "ChatbotIt is enough to deactivate the ” tick.

Frequently Asked Questions

To start using the Supsis application, fill out the form information on the demo page, confirm the incoming mail, log in with your username and password and start using it.

It will be enough to add the integration code to the header section of your site. You can connect to our live support area whenever you get stuck.

You can define ready-made templates to respond quickly to your customers.

Archive options are written as details in the package options. Archive facility is available.

You can pre-add offensive words and not allow agents to post these words.

Yes, you can forward the conversation to a different teammate.

Yes, personal data is end-to-end encrypted.

“Your panel information created will be notified to you on the demo screen and e-mail verification will be requested. In case you forget your information, you can enter without a password and create a password with the e-mail address you have verified.

“Yes, you must have your site to functionally use it to Create a Free Demo Account.”

“The panel interface is simple and very understandable. Preliminary information and documentation are provided within the panel.” You can also access the necessary information from the "Help Center" menu on the homepage of our website. Feel free to connect to our live support area for any problem you encounter!

In the archive area: “Information about the correspondence history is recorded here. These are visitor requests, chat time with the visitor, grades and evaluations. With detailed filtering, easy access to the archive is provided.”

"Yes; You can integrate social media platforms into Supsis, so you can follow all your communication channels through Supsis.”

“Yes, by editing the special entry form, you can use the form included in the required information requests and specify the obligation of the information.”

With the motto of everything about communication, Supsis allows your customers to easily reach companies, deliver their demands and requests to you and provide solutions, Supsis says, I will solve it!”

 Yes, there is Supsis mobile application for Android and Ios. If you cannot be at your computer with the mobile application, you can continue to communicate and support.

 “Supsis is being developed and developed as a 100% domestic software together with our Turkish engineer friends.”