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Live chat is a customer service platform that allows businesses and customers to communicate instantly from their computers, tablets or smartphones. With live chat for businesses, website visitors can message customer service representatives and customer service representatives can proactively reach visitors. Companies using live chat can set automated chat invitation rules that allow the system to automatically target and send specific visitors who are most likely to be leads.

You can define a ready-made template to respond quickly to your customers.

You can pre-add offensive words and not allow agents to post these words.

Yes, you can forward the conversation to a different teammate.

Yes, personal data is end-to-end encrypted.

Yes, you must have your site to functionally use it to Create a Free Demo Account.”

“Yes; You can integrate social media platforms into Supsis, so you can follow all your communication channels through Supsis.”

“Evet, özel giriş formunu düzenleyerek gerekli bilgi taleplerinin içerdiği formu kullanabilir ayrıca bilgilerin zorunluluğunu belirleyebilirsiniz.”

Yes, there is Supsis mobile application for Android and Ios. If you cannot be at your computer with the mobile application, you can continue to communicate and support.

Yes, you can integrate your whatsapp personal or business account with Supsis very simply. You just need to read the QR code. After that, you will be able to control all your whatsapp conversations through Supsis. In addition, more than one representative can make transactions from the same whatsapp number.

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