Whatsapp ve Social Media

Thanks to Supsis, you can integrate your Whatsapp and Social media (Instagram and Facebook Messenger) accounts into the platform..

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Chatbots are used because of their automation capabilities, usability, conversation in a natural language, and access to a wide array of information.

akıllı tetikleyiciler

Smart Triggers

With smart triggers, you can send automated chat bubbles to your site visitors and ask them if they need help or something else.

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Video Call

You can organize online meetings. You can start video calls for instant problems and troubles and provide more sincere support.

ziyaretçi takibi

Visitor Tracking

With the visitor tracking feature, you can track which page your visitors visit, how long they stay, and which page they are most interested in.

otomatik dil çevirici

Automatic Language Translate

Dialogue with your customers from all over the world is faster with language translation. The language problem disappears.
Your representative increases the communication with your foreign customers.

hazır içerikler

Canned Messages

By adding ready-made content, you can facilitate the relations of your representatives with your customers. You can add topics to help your customers quickly.



You can contact your customers within seconds by opening desktop notification, mobile notification, voice notification, e-mail and SMS notification. Desktop and Browser, Mobile Application Notification

temsilciler arası mesajlaşma

Inter-Agent Messaging

Representatives can communicate with each other without the need for another platform, thanks to the platform of Supsis. Necessary notes can be dropped, file transfers can be provided, audio and video..

offline mesajlaşma

Offline Messaging

Your visitors can leave messages even if your customer representatives are not online. You can provide automatic assistance to your visitors with the Chatbot feature.

dosya aktarımı ve ekran paylaşımı

Screen Share and File Transfer

You can find solutions to the problems faced by your customers faster with screen sharing whenever you want.
With the easy-to-understand chat screen of Supsis, you can instantly provide your visitors with..

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Live Chat

You can view your visitors instantly, create live chats, assign topics to your representatives. Live chat
Emoji Usage, File Sending, Live Speech Tracking..

detaylı raporlama


It is possible to report your business follow-up. In this way, you can apply the filters you want and produce detailed reports that are customer-oriented or employee-oriented. Day-based reporting.

Sohbet balonu özelleştirme

Chat Bubble Customization

With chat bubble customization, you can customize it as you wish. In this way, you can try different styles until you find the most suitable design for your website. If you want your own..

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