Chatbot System

Provide 24/7 Service with Dynamic Chatbot!

chatbot system and live suppor
2 Types Of Chatbot

Automatic Language Translation

Chatbot that provides automatic service to the whole world

Would you like to have a staff that you can do your work without mistakes in all areas such as order, product information, cargo, reservation, support?

Chat GPT - Supsis Chatbot

Chat GPT Entegresi ile gelişmiş yapay zeka sistemini Supsis Chatbot’un içerisinde kullanabilecek, tüm süreçlerinizi ve işleyişlerinizi daha kolay hale getireceksiniz. 

Supsis OpenAi Chat GPT Chatbot

A Chatbot That Solves Real Problems

What Does a Chatbot Do?

Makes a Reservation

It can create special reservations for empty dates by integrating with your reservation system.

Provides Support

It can present all learned support systems to your customers and solve their problems.

Makes Sales

With Chatbot, your customer can find the product they want without being directed to any page and then buy it by paying.

Tracks Cargo and Stock

By being integrated with your system, it can track your products, stock numbers and cargo tracking.

It can create Label, Department, Ticket.

You can assign your representatives according to the departments and create a ticket for you in offline mode if you wish.

Conducts Customer Surveys

It can offer all the surveys you want to offer to your customers.

Do you want to strengthen your business?