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Balloon Customization System

Wouldn't you like to have a chat bubble that suits your wishes and tastes? If your answer is "yes", you are in the right place.

Color and Visual

You can set the image and color of the chat bubble you want, so you can create a chat bubble that is compatible with your site. In addition, with the positioning settings, in addition to the right bottom or left bottom options, you can take it to the desired position such as completely up and down or left and right with pixel settings.

What can be done with the

“Reflect Your Conversation’s Identity, Express Freely in Supsis Balloons!”

Chat Bubble Color

Chat Bubble Image

Chat Screen Theme

Chat Bubble Location

Supsis balloon customization

In addition, by using the drop-down menus, you can put your whatsapp support line, phone, live support and ticket options on the menu, and when your balloon is hovered, the customer can click on whichever they want to reach you, and they can contact you from there.

This completely free feature will make you different from your competitors.

Chat Balloon Customization

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Balloon Customization In Supsis

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