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Wordpress live support system and chatbot plugin Supsis

Today, we will examine together how to add live support system to WordPress site, what is live support and what it does, let’s see together. There is a reality that makes our every job easier and covers a large part of our lives: Technology!

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Adding Live Support System to WordPress Site

Whatever work we do, we have to show ourselves in this world. Technological tools are one of the important resources that open up not only business but also the blogs we write and the photos we take to the whole world.

The fastest and healthiest way of this expansion is web sites. Whether we are a blogger or an e-commerce site, we have to open a website and promote our work here.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to build a website is WordPress.

WordPress offers us hundreds of options and supports us to create a site suitable for our own business and the service we provide. It is a highly preferred system due to its easy installation.

However, the job of introducing yourself to the world does not end with opening a site. We can assume that people visiting your site are curious about you and your products. It is very likely that a visitor who enters your site to get information about it cannot reach all the information and needs help.

Live chat and chatbot systems are innovative, fast and easy to help site visitors. By providing 24/7 support to incoming visitors, you can turn your visitors into customers.

These sites, which you set up via WordPress, have Supsis Live Support and ChatBot systems that you can download and use for free.

So what can you do with this live support system?

Thanks to Supsis, you can communicate with your customers by connecting many channels, including your own site, whatsapp, Instagram, mail, sms and website, to your live support system. You can also follow through the mobile application.

You can have voice and video conversations with customers and representatives, and send files, pictures, locations to each other.

You don’t need language-speaking agents. Our system detects many languages ​​in the world. Your representative will answer in their own language, but your customer will be automatically translated and answered in their own language.

Thanks to ChatBot, you can reduce the number of customer representatives. Even if the Account Representative is offline, your customers can continue to contact you and ask questions.

Screen Sharing

Your visitors can more easily convey their questions and requests by sharing their screens.


You can see how many customer interviews the staff has made, how long they have been dealing with a customer and how many points they have received at the end of the meeting, follow up the work of your staff, and create relevant reports.

Smart triggers

Triggers are smart chat invitations that you send when your customers are on a certain section of your page. In this way, your customers stay on the site and the probability of shopping increases.

24/7 Support Opportunity
Agent Chat
Speech Transcription, File and Audio Transfer
Department Recognition and Routing
Easy to Use with System Shortcuts
Receiving Conversation Recordings by Email
Real-Time System and Agent Tracking

Chatbot does the following for you;

Makes a Reservation

It can create special reservations for empty dates by integrating with your reservation system.

Makes Sales

With Chatbot, your customer can find the product they want without being directed to any page, and then buy it by paying.

Tracks Cargo and Stock

By being integrated with your system, it can track your products, stock numbers and cargo tracking.

It can create Label, Department, Ticket.

You can assign your representatives according to departments and create tickets for you in offline mode if you wish.

Conducts Customer Surveys

It can offer all the surveys you want to offer to your customers.

What you need to do to add Supsis live support and chatbot systems to your wordpress site;

To add a live support plugin to the WordPress site, you must follow these steps

Step 1

First, log into your website’s admin panel.

Then scroll your page and click on the plugins section written in the left pane.

Press the add new button at the top of the page that opens.

Type Supsis into the search button that says Search from add-ons.

Wordpress live support plugin installation
WordPress live support plugin installation

Step 2

Download the system by clicking the ‘install now’ button on the page that appears.

Click the button that changes to Activate.

Then, in a few minutes, your Supsis live support system will be installed.

Wordpress live support plugin installation
WordPress live support plugin installation

Step 3

Color options will appear in front of you, and you can choose the shape of your button from here.

You can choose the color that will best suit your site from the colors that come out, and you can adjust the tone from the color chart.

After choosing the colors, the Supsis panel will be opened in front of you.

After the panel is opened, you can create a chatbot bot by clicking on the robot icon, which is in the second row from the icons on the left, and at this point, you can benefit from our ready-made scenarios.

Wordpress Live Support System and Chatbot Plugin İnstallation
WordPress Live Support System and Chatbot Plugin İnstallation

You can also use the link below to download and install the plugin manually. You can provide support and feedback to us.

You can create a smart trigger by clicking the lightning icon, which is in the seventh row of the icons on the left.

After doing all these, if there is a part that you do not understand, you can call us from the live support section of our site or from the phone number.

If you want to add new features to our features, we would like to state that we are always open to your requests and suggestions, and that we are ready to create a system for your needs.

Is the live support plugin free?

Yes, it’s free. As a sole agent, you can get lifetime free usage.

How do I open the live chat panel in a separate tab?

To open it in a separate tab, you must follow these steps;
For example: Let your website address be www.deneme.com. While creating the Supsis panel, the system automatically creates a special panel for you at the address “deme.supsis.live” by taking the “trial” part between www and .com. In this way, you can log in by adding your site address with the .supsis.live extension.

Where can I find the panel login e-mail and password information?

The desired e-mail address at the entrance to the panel is entered in your WordPress account while downloading the plugin. The admin you have made is the same as the e-mail address of the administrator information. You need to write your e-mail address defined in the WordPress panel.
For your password, after the 5-step installation of Supsis, you need to enter the password that you typed 2 times in a row.

How about automatic transactions (Sales, Reservation, etc.) with Chatbot?

You can create Webhooks from Woocommerce settings and integrate them into Supsis Chatbot. You can integrate the webhooks you have created with the “Add New Webhook” option from the integrations section of the Chatbot menu via the Supsis panel. In this way, you can present many transactions such as product tracking, stock tracking, appointment, cargo, order, reservation to your customers with automatic Chatbot. You can get support from us at the point where you get stuck.
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