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Customer Service

Online customer service can be one of the most complex areas of management for any business. It is one of the characteristics that distinguishes a company from others and is constantly evaluated by customers. For this reason, the error rate of the customer services you provide via email, telephone, email or live support should be very low.

To help you with this, we’ve compiled a list of 7 tips for improving your website’s online customer service, focusing on different levels of functionality. The tips we provide in this text relate to the tools you encounter on online chat platforms. These tips will give you better strategy options for building online customer service for your website.

İçerik Konuları

Track Your Customer or Visitor

The first is to know what your potential customer is searching for on your website. This way you save time. It will lead to more accurate detection and service if you monitor the areas such as which pages on your website are visited, where it is geographically connected, and contact information. Knowing in advance what your customers want is a big advantage for you. It also gives your customers a good impression of your company and informs you about your particular client.

Do Not Disconnect With Mobile Devices

This point is especially useful for companies that don’t have their own app. Thanks to the application, you can attract customers and visitors to your website. The biggest advantage of using an application is that you can deal with your customers without your computer. Another important advantage is that you can use your mobile internet to help people even if your internet connection is not good.

Our Android and iOS apps have basic functionality found in programs on PC and Mac. For example, it shows the flag of the country where the visitors are located. Shows contact information. Among other things, it shows where on your website your visitors are navigating more often.

Gather Email and Required Information

This is perhaps the most important tip on the list: always try to collect your visitor’s basic information such as: Username and email address. It helps you find them more easily the next time you visit your website. In addition, collecting e-mails also contributes to your list that you will use in e-mail marketing.

You can train your operators to request this type of information at every opportunity, but there is another tool that can work for your team: the pre-chat form. There are two main advantages to using this form: customer retention and time savings. The most effective use of this feature is when your customer is waiting in line for support. Managing this process with Supsis is easy.

Use Proactive Chat Invites

Take full advantage of proactive chat invites. Currently, 75% of transactions on sites that use Supsis for online customer service begin with proactive chat invitations. These invitations can work in two different ways.

The first is manual: your operator sees that a visitor has been on the page for a certain amount of time and communicates with the visitor.

The second is automatic (proactive); The working principle is the same but this time you don’t have to watch the customers. This option is less personal than manual. You are the one who determines how the automatic invite works. For example, you can send an invitation to a customer after they log into your website and when they go to the second page, not the first page. You also have the option to customize the messages to be sent according to the website they are on.

Customer Service
Customer Service

Have Voice and Video Call Options

Not everyone wants to receive support via SMS or text. Therefore, it would make sense to hold voice and video calls as alternatives. This will make your online customer service more flexible and appealing to a wider audience. However, the disadvantage of this service is that the number of customers you can reach at the same time is reduced. At the same time, you can organize in-company meetings and meetings between you via video calls, and provide your business meetings, business agreements and interviews.

Evaluate Yourself by Reporting Customer Feedback

Self-assessment is one of the hardest habits to learn. However, this habit is one of the habits that will give you the most benefit. Therefore, you can choose certain days of the week to evaluate your customer service.

There are two ways to do this at Supsis: The first is customer feedback. This can be in the form of a petition/ticket where they can express their wishes and opinions regarding the feedback. Evaluation scores can be in the form of stargazing. The second method means more work: It is determined in which areas each operator can improve himself by choosing randomly selected conversations or conversations from the detailed reporting area. Supsis offers both options. In this way, it allows you to evaluate yourself efficiently from different perspectives.

Use Automatic Language Translation

Disruptions in your communication with your foreign customers in the country we are in will lead you to loss. For this reason, it will be beneficial for you to talk and communicate with them in their own language. In addition, when you need to open your business to the global world in the future, this stage will prevent you as the first step. You can easily overcome such problems with the automatic language translation feature of Supsis. You and the other person can communicate easily by writing and speaking in their own language. Supsis will not allow your communication to be interrupted by detecting this for you and providing automatic translation.

Dialogue with your customers from all over the world is faster with language translation. The language problem disappears.

Your representative increases the communication with your foreign customers. Your representative can automatically translate the question asked in a different language into their native language.
Your customer visiting your site can easily translate the conversation with the representative into their own language and can ask questions in their native language.

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