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5 Differences Between Live Messaging and Live Support System

What are the differences between live support system and live messaging?

With the widespread use of the internet, some concepts emerged gradually. A few of these concepts were live support, customer service, customer support, setting up an online sales site, and the idea of ​​e-commerce. The closures that came during the pandemic period paved the way for these emerging concepts.

While it was thought that the effect of the pandemic would affect many areas in our lives, it was not unexpected that it would lead to economic changes. There has been a return to online programs in many areas such as the establishment of online working platforms by multiple companies and the continuing education of students online.

In addition to all these, the existence of physical stores was of no concern to anyone except the business owners when he was unable to leave the house. While there are currently multiple companies that sell online, most physical store owners have moved their business to online sites.

Businesses were established online, websites were prepared. But whatever the customer is, he may need someone to help him, just like the sales consultants in the physical store. In all these cases, live help systems and live messaging services come to our aid.

The fact that customer interactions are carried out in more than one area leads to a few conceptual confusions. One of these conceptual confusions is experienced between the concepts of live help and live messaging. Knowing the difference between the two increases the quality of customer service, improves customer satisfaction, and then helps you to shape your communication channels.

In this article, we will discuss the difference between live support and live chat and messaging for you.

İçerik Konuları

What is live support system?

Live chat is a customer service platform that takes place instantaneously over the internet between the business and the customer, making it easy to communicate. As we mentioned above, the sales consultants in the physical company have been replaced by the live help services on the website.

Thanks to the live help system, your customers can get instant information about the product or service you sell, check their orders, and direct their questions to you.

Thanks to these advantages offered by the live help system, your customers feel safe while shopping at your store. The biggest opportunity that allows a business to sell to the same customer a second time is to instill trust. If you give this confidence, you can make regular sales by acquiring permanent customers.

What is live messaging?

Just like in live help platforms, the live messaging system is a system that allows the buyer and seller to establish a dialogue over the internet. There is a clear difference between the live messaging system and the live help system.

In live messaging systems, the customer may not receive an instant response to the question sent to the vendor. Chats in live messaging systems are not instant, real-time.

The working principle of live chat systems is similar to the working principle of communication parts in social media. The customer forwards his question as a message to the other party. The time to return to this transmission is uncertain. In this service, which varies from business to business, a feedback can be received maybe 5 minutes later, maybe 1 hour later.

5 Differences Between Live Messaging and Live Support System
5 Differences Between Live Messaging and Live Support System

In these cases, live chat is actually an application that shows that we are chatting with our customers as we do with our family or friends during the day. Your turnaround time may vary when your customer sends a message, and your customer’s response time will vary when you send a message.

Based on all this information, a clear conclusion can be reached.

When the customer does not get the answer he/she wants within the time frame he/she needs, he/she may stop buying the product or service you are selling. The customer may feel ignored and in this case you will not gain a permanent customer. On the contrary, it can cause you to lose more customers by advertising you badly.

What are the differences between live support system and live messaging?

Although it may seem the same, live chat and live messaging are not the same thing due to some underlying conditions. Now, in line with all these explanations, let’s list the differences between live help and live messaging:

In the live messaging system, the customer and the sales representative may not be online at the same time. This situation causes the conversations to progress by keeping records. Thanks to the conversation records kept, the messages are not lost and there is no need to repeat the information. As an advantage of this, there is no extra disconnection in communication.

In live chat, on the other hand, the conversation is made instantaneously during a time when the agent and the customer are talking online.

Therefore, neither the customer nor the representative need to wait. However, in live chat, no chat log is kept as the conversations are instantaneous. In this case, if the customer accidentally logs out of the chat, the chat disappears. In this case, there is a possibility that some communication problems may arise.
Live help systems generally have a situation that is limited to one device and one session. Although it has aspects that can be synchronized, it is mostly offered to users over a single session. For this reason, it is difficult to switch between devices due to the absence of a speech archive.

There is no need to wait for an instant representative in live messaging. Messages are transmitted mutually and continue to be kept in the message thanks to chat records.

A customer representative must always be present in live chat. Since live help chats are made instantly, it is necessary to be ready at all times. When there is no customer representative for live assistance or a chatbot system is not active, it becomes difficult for your customers to communicate with your company.

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