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Call Center and Live Support System

What is the different between call center and live support system? First of all, let’s answer the question of ‘what is a call center?’.

A call center is a department or organization that usually handles phone calls about a company’s products or services. They typically manage searches for product features, order status, and service availability.

Many of these calls can be handled by interactive voice response (IVR) systems that allow callers to serve themselves by quickly accessing certain information. Other callers need the help of a human agent to answer their questions or meet their special needs.

It is the cornerstone of Customer Service for many companies.

Some of the purposes of using call centers are as follows;

Providing customer support
Processing your queries
marketing by phone
do market research
However, each of these functions has greatly improved over the past few years, which has led to the emergence of the contact center.

İçerik Konuları

What is the difference between a call center and a contact center?

Call centers communicate only by telephone. A contact center may contain one or more call centers. It provides support through additional channels such as email, chat, websites, and apps.

Contact centers provide multi-channel support, helping customers no matter what channel or device they use. Whether an organization chooses a call center or contact center depends on its products and services, the channels through which it provides customer support, and the structure of the organization’s support teams.

The graph given shows the range of different types of communication that an average contact center is currently dealing with.

What are the types of call centers?

There are three most common types of call centers, inbound, outbound and hybrid call centers.

Inbound call center: Typically, these call centers handle a significant amount of calls at once. An interactive voice response (IVR) system can answer calls or route calls through an automated call dispatcher (ACD) to the appropriate call center agents or recipients.

Representatives at the inbound switchboard can handle account management, scheduling, technical support, complaints, inquiries about products or services, or purchase intent calls from the organization from existing or potential customers.

Outbound call center: In these call centers, an agent makes calls on behalf of the organization or customer, including lead generation, telemarketing, customer retention, fundraising, research, debt collection, or appointment scheduling. To maximize efficiency, an automatic dialer can make calls and, once the caller is connected, transfer them to an appropriate agent using an IVR system.

Mixed call center: This type of call center handles both incoming and outgoing calls.

What is Live Support System?

Live support allows customers to contact the company’s customer service team via live chat as soon as they have problems that they cannot resolve. Using the live chat software built into the website, customers can send their questions to a person who can quickly answer them in the same small window.

Live support always requires special software or apps. However, it also offers an invisible traffic analysis, secure management controls, and much more. Benefits of live chat as a support channel:

Why should you offer live chat support to your customers? Research shows that live chat is the choice of many customers and has the highest level of customer satisfaction of any support channel. Key benefits of live chat support:

Call Center and Live Support System
Call Center and Live Support System

Availability of live chat support

Live chat software can be integrated directly into your client’s workflow via a button or link that is constantly available on your website or app. Your customer doesn’t need to find a special contact page or search for an email address; They can be reached easily when they need help.

This accessibility reduces customer effort, which is a key factor in building customer loyalty.

Instant access

Live chat allows you to connect directly with a knowledgeable person as soon as you realize you need help. This means there is no time wasted navigating through complex phone options, sitting on hold, or waiting for an email response.

Handling complex issues

With emails or form submissions, you may not include all the information the first time, the representative may not understand what your problem is, or their suggested solution may not fix it. But with live chat, agents can easily ask follow-up questions and change their recommendations in real time.

Enable multitasking

Team members can use the live chat window to communicate with support staff while continuing with other tasks in other windows. Also, a chat window is less distracting than a phone call. If you need to wait for the agent to do some research, you can easily continue working without having to connect your phone line or listen to music.

Saving information

With live chat, you can save your conversation for later reference or share it with other users struggling with the same issue. You don’t have to worry about an agent speaking too fast or struggling to take notes during the call. It also eliminates the possibility of communication issues like chat, static, accent or background noise.

File sharing

Usually when a basic support question is asked, a FAQ or resource has already been created to answer that question. These resources may even include valuable screenshots and other images that help guide users through the process. When you use phone support, the agent has to repeat this information, email the file to you, or spell out a potentially long URL.

Alternatively, live chat lets you share links quickly and easily. When the support agent wants to direct you to additional resources, such as the community forum or help guide, you can drop the links in the chat and navigate to the right document with one click.

Increase Your Sales

Live Chat is a fast and direct way for customers to get real-time support with a real person. Customers are 3x more likely to buy when you reach them via chat, and 87% of customers need some form of live support when transacting online. Create proactive campaigns using live chat to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions.

How to set up live chat feature on your website?

Each live chat software comes with its own instructions for you to follow. Some only require you to copy a line of code and paste it into your website backend.

Power your business with live chat – Supsis Live Support System

It not only gives basic text chats but also offers advanced communication capabilities such as real voice over IP, remote viewing, application sharing, remote form filing and website traffic monitoring.

It even offers free plans or free 30-day trials for you to test on your website and see if it’s something you really need.

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