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live support systems and chatbot

In recent years, companies operating in the field of e-commerce and e-services apply for live support systems. Live support systems can provide great convenience in order to improve the customer experience in a positive way, to find solutions to problems quickly and to eliminate the question marks in the minds of potential customers. In addition to increasing the professional appearance of brands, directly connecting with customers creates an effect that increases customers’ trust and loyalty to the brand.

So what are the things to know about live support and what are the contributions of live support to e-commerce and e-service sector? Let’s take a closer look at the answers to these questions.

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What is Live Support System?

The live support system is based on the principle of communicating with customers directly and through an interface with the active participation of both parties. Customers can ask questions to the brand representative about the product, brand, shipping processes and all other issues via instant messaging. Unlike the call center and communication forums, connecting directly to the representative exhibits a user-friendly structure in terms of time and functionality. In addition, the live support system makes it easier for businesses that want to serve many customers in a short time.

Many brands try to take their place in the competitive market environment by offering free live support system service.

Where are Live Support Systems Used?

The live support system does not only have a facilitating effect on sales. It is one of the communication channels you can use to spread information about your products and services to your customers. With the live support system, you can transfer the information on your website to the user more effectively and thus expand your customer base. The live support system is used in many different areas, especially for brands that sell websites:

Airline companies
Real estate
Cargo and transportation
Beauty centers

Like these sectors, many other sectors have started to integrate the live support system into their business. In short, the live support system is used by companies that make online and physical sales, all e-commerce and service sectors, and cargo companies that carry out import and export transactions.

live support systems and chatbot
live support systems and chatbot

What are the Highlights of Supsis Live Support System?

It is not too late to meet Supsis, which makes a difference in the communication processes with your customers or potential target audience and enables your company to stand out. You can add a very special dimension to your communication flow with the Supsis live support system, which provides a significant competitive advantage to corporate companies. One of the key features of Supsis is that it offers a quality video/audio call. In the Supsis live support system, which offers an uninterrupted service beyond technical confidence, artificial intelligence chatbot feature also comes to the fore.

Thanks to this feature, you can respond to the demands of your customers 24 hours a day without any disruption. On the other hand, thanks to the automatic language translation process, you can expand your service limits and take important steps towards becoming a global institution. Finally, you can experience the privileges of managing all communication channels in an integrated format with Whatsapp and social media plugins.

What are the Benefits of Using Live Support System?

Using a live support system gives you the chance to increase your sales, as well as many benefits. It is possible to rank them as follows:

Customers can make the purchase without hesitation, as they get instant answers about products and services.
Problem solving and quick responses to customers increase customer loyalty and trust.
Instead of employing more than one person in call center operators, the same operator can communicate with more than one person in live support, thus reducing your personnel costs.
You can be one step ahead in reaching users and disseminating information against companies and brands that use very few live support systems.
You can directly forward the complaints, suggestions and requests from the customers to the senior management and enable faster action.
By reaching your international customers more easily, you will speed up the resolution of potential problems.

How Should You Choose the Live Support System?

Brands that want to provide live support service, “What is the best live support system?” They wonder the answer to the question. It may be beneficial for you to determine the live support system you want to use according to your industry, needs and customer base. You can also review your own customer experiences to choose the most effective live support system that fits your budget, and you can make your choice by answering the question of what kind of support you would expect as a customer.

New Generation Live Support System: Supsis

The process, which started with the idea stage in 2015, became ready for sale in 2020. Differentiating from rival companies with its innovative features added in 2021, Supsis stands out with the convenience it provides. So, what are the outstanding features of the Supsis live support system?

Increase Your Website Conversion Rate
With a single software, you can see where your customers come from and which products they review. You can also report feedback from customers. You can look at the daily working hours of your sales representatives and measure the performance of their conversations with customers.

Increase Visitor and Agent Interaction with Live Chat

A more sincere and impressive chat environment is created with conveniences such as quick response to customers, shortcut reminder keys, sending emoji and sending files. Thanks to the subject headings you add, you can ensure that your customers receive faster answers about their problems and curiosity. You can create canned response templates to provide faster responses on certain topics and save time for live conversation follow-up. You can also reach your customers by voice notification, email, offline message and SMS notification.

Follow Your Visitor Tracking and Reporting Transactions
Thanks to the software prepared for you, you can keep detailed reports about your visitors and make reports based on days, people and points. You can control your agents’ communication with customers with staff chat average and agent work schedule.

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